DIY Rake Necklace Hanger

D.I.Y. Rake Necklace Hanger by The Thinking Closet

I now have a garden tool hanging in my bathroom!  And I promise it’s not just to weird out my landlord.  It actually serves a purpose.  And an important one at that.  But first, a little backstory. I’m a messy person by nature.  In fact, let me describe to you my surroundings right now. I’m on the living room couch, half-sitting on some slippers.  To my right is a bowl of grapes, a random hanger, {read more…}

The Friday Five: Version 2.0

The Friday Five with The Thinking Closet & The Learner Observer

Who’s excited that it’s Friday?!  The Jonas Brothers are: Michael Scott is…time to bust out the boom box: Napoleon Dynamite is…though his facial expressions will never give way to his true emotions: And I sure am!  Because there’s excitement to be had even beyond the fact that the weekend is upon us: The Friday Five” just got bigger and better.  (Didn’t think it was possible, did you?  wink.)  In fact, I’ve dubbed today’s post Version {read more…}

Nifty Item #3: It’s a Fabric Bonanza!

It's a Fabric Bonanza via The Thinking Closet

bonanza [bəˈnænzə] n 1. a source, usually sudden and unexpected, of luck or wealth. I’m one of those people who never wins things.  Raffles?  Stopped bothering buying tickets.  Contests?  Not since the seventh grade poetry contest.  Giveaways?  Please. Until now!  This past September, by a wild act of God, I won the September Sponsor Giveaway on one of my favorite blogs, Lil Blue Boo.  I was shocked – – floored – – when I heard {read more…}

Nifty Item #2: A Thought a Day

Five-years in one year?  How can it be?!

To journal or not to journal?  That was never a question for me in my last three years as a high school English and theatre teacher.  I was so busy grading papers and lesson planning that I just didn’t have the time to journal, and when I did, I felt too exhausted and drained to “process” my life on the page.  It was truly the last thing I wanted to do. But, oh the guilt! {read more…}

Nifty Item #1: Alphabet Stamps

Our wedding date graced the front and our vow on the back.

Let me just come out and say it: I’m a perfectionist.  It’s not something I’m proud of.  Yes, perfectionism can be a good thing in certain circumstances and push me toward excellence, but if I’m anxious or feeling far from God, my quest for perfection is often to blame. One way I battle my perfectionism is by intentionally embracing imperfect things and seeing beauty in their imperfections. Take my alphabet stamps, for example (affiliate link).  They have {read more…}