The Friday Five Finale! (Or is it?)

Since this past June, most Fridays here at The Thinking Closet have been devoted to the sharing of five inspirational links from my week.  Some have rendered a chuckle.  Others even tears.  And let’s be honest, I’ve gone way overboard with the GIF intros.

Regardless, it has been a blast!

But in an effort to simplify our lives and prepare for a fresh start at the gate of the year, my partner-in-crime Thalita and I feel it’s time to put the Friday Five to rest.  It was actually a really tough decision for me, considering my sister Lisbeth and friend T.J. have declared The Friday Fives as their favorite posts on my blog!

But to everything a season, right?

And if we’ve learned anything from Michael Jordan and Barbara Streisand, it’s that going into retirement can also just mean taking a sabbatical.  So, don’t be surprised if you see Friday Fives crop up now and then in the new year.  Also, I have maniacal plans for a NEW way of sharing some of my favorite links and videos with you lovelies in 2014, which I’ll announce in the coming weeks.  So, hang tight, Lisbeth & T.J (and other Friday Five fans)!  How’s that for a teaser?

The Friday Five Finale

The Friday Five: Inspiration for Your Weekend!

I present to you the grand finale round-up of inspiration for you all…5 pieces of inspiration I have found in my foray around blogland in recent weeks that bear sharing.  And for those of you just tuning in, I have a tradition of writing 5 word intros, and I can’t break that tradition now!  (As much as me and my wordy self might want to.)

Enjoy your dose of some holiday spirit.

1.  The beauty of rustic pallets.

Pallet Wood Christmas Tree by Thistlewood Farms.  Please pin from the original source!

Pallet Wood Christmas Tree by Thistlewood Farms

2.  The Most Contented Cat Award:

3.  Must learn how to crochet.

Cork Crochet Tree by One Dog Woof - - Pin from the original source!

Cork Crochet Trees by One Dog Woof

4.  Making Christmas wishes come true!

5.  Simple and modern clothespin nativity.

Clothespin Nativity Scene by Delineate Your Dwelling.  Please pin from the original source!

Nativity Scene by Delineate Your Dwelling

My Buddy, My Pal!

A huge thanks to my friend Thalita for joining me in sharing the Friday Five after I spontaneously suggested it in one of my blog comments.  She’s just wildly awesome like that.  I mean, she was all over my silly comic strip idea…complete with virtual high five across the divide between Canada and Florida!

Our Friday 5 promo...comic strip silliness ensues!

So, one last time, I urge to you visit Thalita over at her creative corner, The Learner Observer, where you’ll find the Swan Song for her Friday Five: The Final Frontier.  And be sure to subscribe to her blog, so you can stay in the loop on her amazing high-low transformations, inspirational DIY projects, and future 31 Day series.  She’s the kind of person we all need more of in our lives.

The Friday Five Archives

Oh, and in case you wanted to ignore those baskets of laundry or that pile of papers for a few hours more, here are links to all my Friday Five posts from these past six months.  Procrastinators: you’re welcome.  {Grin.}

The First Friday Five

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Downton Arby’s

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A World Where There Are Octobers

Cute Kids in Costume

Pets in Costume

Choose the Stairs

Kids Being Awesome

A Scandinavian Christmas

Happy weekend to all and to all a good night weekend!

P.S.  Have you cast your vote yet for your favorite Christmas movies?  I’ll be sharing the results next Wednesday!


Lovely comments so far...

  1. HaHa! Loved the cat and I have always crochet trees but the cork is a triumph!

    • thethinkingcloset says:

      That cat video just cracks me up (my sister showed it to me!). And isn’t that cork the icing on the crochet cake? I had a hunch you’d approve!

  2. Please still find ways to get GIFs into your intros!!! I am sad to see The Friday Five go, but I know you’ll still find ways to share awesomeness & inspiration with us all! Oh, and love the cat-wrapping video! I can’t imagine trying to do that with my pup!

    • thethinkingcloset says:

      Aw, I love GIFs too much not to! They’ll be back, for sure!

      And I know – - no pets of mine would have ever endured being wrapped up like that for very long. But this cat almost seemed to enjoy it! Or was just mega-chill. ;-)

  3. Aww, I made the finale! I’m so honored! And yes, what a teaser about next year, seriously. Well, I’ll be here to see what fabulousness you’ll be cooking up!

  4. There must be a thing going round..! I’m also getting ready to lay my Weekly Wrap-Up to rest for the new year.. I’ve found that 4 posts a week is just not manageable for me right now, and I don’t want my Sunday mornings being all stressed out anymore, slapping together that final post.
    I’m thinking I’ll maybe do it once a month, if that makes sense for the schedule.. we’ll see!
    Of course, I’m sad to see yours and mine go, but hey… New year, new things!

    • thethinkingcloset says:

      Yeah, 4 posts a week just taps me out. So, instead of 3-4 a week, I’m aiming for 2-3 a week in 2014. Not only will I be a saner blogger, but a saner person (you know, it’s all intertwined). Thanks for your support! Raising my mug of chai to you, friend – - here’s to 2014 and the margin that awaits us both!

  5. Loooooooove the WestJet video! Totally made me cry at work :)

    • thethinkingcloset says:

      Magical, right?! And whenever I see other people cry, it’s like the yawn effect: I inevitably cry. Hope that despite the tears, it gave you a solid dose of holiday spirit! Happy weekend, Robyn.

  6. Whatever may come next – I’m fine with it, as long as it includes GIF intros! ;)
    Oh, and the procrastinator thanks.

    Love & a happy weekend

    • thethinkingcloset says:

      Ha ha. I love GIFs too much to abandon them all together! In fact, they’re guaranteed on my Reader Showcase posts, so watch out now! (My next reader showcase is Christmas week.)

      And as a fellow procrastinator, I’m just lookin’ out for ya! *wink* Hope your weekend has been a fantastic one, friend.

  7. That video had me in tears! Also, I have corks, must teach self to crochet!!

  8. I love the wrapping the cat video!

    And you know, sometimes features are tough to maintain or things come up in life, but I’m excited to see what secrets you are planning for 2014!

  9. First off… NO!!! Don’t go!!! :) While I absolutely enjoy the Friday Fives, I know you guys won’t leave your fans hanging, and that you’ll be back with more awesome sauce. And hey! If you do a once a month thing, you’ll have more time, so you could give us Tuesday Tens, maybe? Just a thought. *hehe* Don’t leave out the GIFs, though! Secondly, I love that cat video. My husband and I are sitting here cracking up. <3

  10. Ok, so people officially do not want the GIFs to go anywhere and I could not agree more! You have an eye for those things like none other, my dear! It’s been like the bestest time everrrr putting these together with you every week. Now I’m looking forward to all the other super awesome stuff we’re gonna get to do in 2014 (like meet?!?!).

  11. Hey girls!! Sad to see this go, but understand :) Gotta keep it fresh or YOU will go crazy!!!
    I don’t like to make any criticisms, but I can’t read your font :( The light blue titles are what I’m talking about. Has anyone else mentioned?? Just throwing it out there as you are making changes and all!! I will love you if you keep it…..(((HUGS))

  12. I am glad the Friday Five may have a reappearance now and then as well as more GIFs. Dad and I watched How to Wrap a Cat and laughed so hard and then WestJet and I (not sure he did) cried! Loved the surprise of the gifts coming down the luggage shoot. I’m sure WestJet got lots of mileage out of that effort! Makes me want to fly with them…you never know what might happen.

    I respect your decision with Thalita to balance your blogging lives a little bit more! Thanks for some wonderful Friday Fives from both of you over the past six-seven months!!


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