Pallet Christmas Photo Display

I know, I know…it’s Christmas Eve Eve, and I’m still making things.  I promise, this is the last project!  After this, it’s church, then time to pack for our trip to New York (icanhardlycontainmyexcitement!).

Remember all of those pallets we piled on top of our car?  Well, we’ve had great fun using the wood for various projects here and there.  I had this idea for a Christmas card & photo display that Mark helped me execute using four pallet boards.

He made me a big frame using the full boards, overlapping the edges a bit.  Then, I secured four strips of burlap ribbon (leftover from my felt flower wreath project) to the back of the frame using tiny tacks.  Mark showed me how much easier it is to hammer in a tack once you have drilled even the tiniest of holes using a 1/16 bit.  Even though he warned me about how easy it is to break those tiny drill bits, I still managed to snap one (dope!).

Pallet Christmas Photo Display by The Thinking Closet

We also installed not one, but two alligator hooks on the back since this is one heavy mama.  (I love how my craft projects develop genders.)

Pallet Christmas Photo Display by The Thinking Closet

Here’s what she looks like from the back.  If you’re curious about dimensions, the burlap ribbon is 2.5″ wide.  I left a 4.5″ space between each strip of burlap and a 1.5″ gap at the top.

Pallet Christmas Photo Display by The Thinking Closet

And now, here she is all dolled up with Christmas cards and photos of those we love:

Pallet Christmas Photo Display by The Thinking Closet

I keep mini clothespins on hand at all times; it’s just one of those craft supplies you’ll always find a use for!

Pallet Christmas Photo Display by The Thinking Closet

So, naturally, I used mini clothespins to hang the photos…

Pallet Christmas Photo Display by The Thinking Closet

…and cradled our cards over the top and bottom pallet boards.  Easy!

Pallet Christmas Photo Display by The Thinking Closet

We’re going to hang the display in the hallway between the bedrooms and our kitchen.  It’s a high traffic area, so we can enjoy our display with each pass.  We might even decide to leave it up all year and just cycle out the Christmas cards and photos for new ones with each new season.

And my Christmas crafting is officially done.  Or is it…?  (Dramatic pause.)

Merry Christmas Eve Eve to all those who celebrate.  {I link up here.}

This is Lauren, signing off.

Lovely comments so far...

  1. Nancy says

    This is great! I love it! When we pastored, Scott always encouraged our congregation to finish their to do list for Christmas by 12/15 – so that they had time to relish all that Christmas means to us and not be rushing around right up until the 25th. It has become a habit for us and I have enjoyed the creativity that space allows. We worship the creator of all things so our efforts to be creative are really re-creating what he has already done. Please don’t apologize for that! We travel tomorrow too – flying to Newark and spending a week in OG with visits to family in northern NJ and NY. Travel safely my friend and give your whole family a hug for me!! XOXO

    • says

      Nancy, your words ring true! You’ll see on my “about me” page I talk about our creativity being inspired by our creator God…which is why I believe everyone is creative, no matter what they say! Sometimes it just needs nurturing.

      And actually, these past few days have been surprisingly restful for me despite the bustling all around us. We celebrated Christmas with Mark’s family earlier in the week, which is why I had the extra time to make a few things these past few days. It was lovely! I think I need to implement Scott’s recommendation year after year. You’re so right about the space allowing for creativity! And sweet time with God. I revoke my apology, then! 😉

      Traveling mercies to you and your family tomorrow; we’ll think of you as we land in JFK, not far from Newark. Enjoy O.G! Bet it’s beautiful at Christmas. Will pass on that hug for you.


  2. Mom says

    Very cool! I have a feeling we’re going to be seeing those pallets come around again and again over the next year! What’s next Lauren?!? Now, go pack 😉

    • says

      Ha ha! Indeed. You haven’t seen the last of the pallet projects! We might even need to return to that Lumber shop to pick up some more when we run out! Thankfully, we’re all packed now. Time to get some shut eye before our early flight tomorrow. Eek! So excited. Enjoy your Christmas and anniversary. We’ll be thinking of y’all! XO

    • says

      Aw…well, I’m sure those cards will start to build up over time. And perhaps you can consider it a blessing in disguise! A simpler, greener Christmas in your household! Congrats on your new place.

  3. Marmie says

    This is a great post and wonderful use for one of your pallets. What a handy husband you have–and the two of you together are amazingly creative! I love how you’ve displayed the cards, and even recognize a few! We are thrilled to have you here for Christmas and are enjoying every moment!!


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