Felt Flower Wreath: Fall-ify Florida Part I

Though we’re still rocking highs of 85 degrees in Florida, though leaves are still green and flip flops are still the footwear of choice, I’ve decided…it’s time…TO FALL-IFY.

Felt Flower Wreath via The Thinking Closet

Felt Flower Wreath…for Fall!

I wouldn’t consider myself a “wreath girl,” but a little while back, I had come across a winter wreath on Pinterest by Colour Her Hope that had me inspired.  So, I decided to take on fall colors for my version and try my hand at the popular felt flower method.

Three words to describe this project: easy, fun, and carpel-tunnel (I don’t think I could make these for a living because my hands would fall off from all the tight twisting and glue gun burns, but one is just fine!).

Here’s a tutorial, so you can whip up your own:


  • Felt in your colors of choice!  Felt sells for $2.99 / yard at Jo-Ann’s.  I used about half a yard of each color.
  • A wreath!  They’re all over craft stores these days for about $2.99.
  • Wreath hanger or ribbon for hanging your wreath.  I used burlap ribbon from Hobby Lobby, on sale for $4.99 for 3o feet (that’s a lot of wreaths).
  • Fabric scissors and a glue gun.

STEP 1: Cut your fabric into circles of all sizes.  Little ones, big ones.  No need to make them perfect circles either.  In fact, I think that slightly irregular circles make for more unique flowers.  To make smaller flowers (as pictured below), I cut my circles with approximately a 4″ diameter.

STEP 2: Then, working your way from the outside-in, cut a spiral.  Start thinner and gradually increase the thickness of your spiral as you near the center.  This will cause the petals on the outside to be taller than the ones in the middle.  You can even experiment with wavy lines for a different looking flower.  Rachel from Lines Across has a helpful tutorial with different cutting methods here.

Felt Flower Wreath via The Thinking Closet Felt Flower Wreath via The Thinking Closet

STEP 3: Starting on the outside and working your way in, roll your felt to create the flower shape.  The outside edge will become the top of the flower and the inside edge will become the bottom.  Roll tightly, especially at the beginning; you may want to loosen up a bit near the end.

Felt Flower Wreath via The Thinking Closet

Just so you can better understand how the flower will form, here are images of the top and bottom of your flower in the midst of rolling.  Note that the bottom remains flat while the top is uneven to give the impression of petals.  Click on them for close-ups.

Felt Flower Wreath via The Thinking Closet Felt Flower Wreath via The Thinking Closet

STEP 4: Once you get to the end, you’ll end up with this little “tail” that will act as the base of your flower.  Squeeze a big gob of hot glue on the bottom and then place your tail on top of the glue to seal everything all up.  If your tail is bigger than your base, simply trim the excess with scissors.

Felt Flower Wreath via The Thinking Closet Felt Flower Wreath via The Thinking Closet

And flip ‘em over to reveal your sweet little felt flowers:

Felt Flower Wreath via The Thinking Closet

STEP 5: After you make a plethora of felt flowers of all sizes, you can arrange them on your wreath and adhere them with hot glue.

Felt Flower Wreath via The Thinking Closet

STEP 6: Hang your wreath up for the world to enjoy using a wreath hanger or ribbon.  I agree with Lindsay at Makely School for Girls that most wreath hangers cause your wreath to hang too high on your door, so I adopted her method of wreath-hanging, which is to tack the two ends of your ribbon to the top of the door using a small nail.  Easy.

Felt Flower Wreath via The Thinking Closet

We’re renters, so there’s not a whole lot we can do with the paint on the front door and exterior of the house (please ignore the chipping paint!), BUT I do think this wreath makes our home a little more inviting than it was before.

Felt Flower Wreath via The Thinking Closet

Felt Flower Wreath via The Thinking Closet

Welcome to our humble abode!

I was worried the red felt wouldn’t read well on the red door, but I actually really like that they coordinate.  And I didn’t even plan this, but my new noVae shirt matches my fall-ified felt flower wreath:

Felt Flower Wreath via The Thinking Closet

(We’re having a moment.)

And just because they were so easy, I rolled a few more flowers, glued them onto hair clips, and had instant hair accessories.  DIY stocking stuffers, anyone?

Felt Flower Wreath via The Thinking ClosetStay tuned for Part II of Fall-ify Florida!

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Lovely comments so far...

  1. Love this!! So welcoming! “Fall-ifly” Florida! I knew you would change Florida once you got there!!

  2. Remember when you painted all the grape vine stencils on our OG tent door frame and center post? Another carpal tunnel project! The hair flowers are an adorable added touch!

  3. Pop pop, Mor mor & Ana says:

    You could make a fortune with these at S.P. Everyone has a wreath on their door and looking for new ones!

  4. That looks adorable!! I love it.

  5. So pretty! I love felt flowers. They look so home-y. Thanks for sharing at the Pomp Party! Hope to see you back next week!

  6. What a beautiful wreath! You are so talented with making those rosettes. I will have to give them a try again using your tips. I’ve never had very good luck with making these.

  7. Adorable! And really well done tutorial. The hair accessory looks fab too!

  8. Never imagined our door could look so good… or be an internet sensation. Well done.

  9. Love the colors! =) Visiting from Lines Across

  10. Very cute, pinning this :)

  11. Great tutorial, love the wreath. Thank you for linking up to One More Time… new follower

  12. Lauren Lanker, this blog is divine. Ever since dear Lisbeth showed me it, I’ve been eating it up! I have had a hankering for a sewing machine for a while now, but maybe I need to just take the plunge since you make sewing seem so approachable. But I really like this post because I’ve been wanting to add a little festivity to our drab apartment door, and there’s no sewing required! Lots of love to you new Floridians!

    • Ellie! SO honored to have you as a reader and so happy for you and Adam (congrats on the new last name!). Mark and I had a blast hanging out with you guys in PA this past winter; hoping for a repeat offense! And I must say from experience that hankerings for sewing machines tend to grow and grow until they can’t be ignored anymore, so get ready…and you, my dear, would certainly come up with some creative projects! Glad to hear this post brought you some inspiration. We have a lot of “drab” going on at our place, too…trying to make it “fab,” one project at a time. Love!

  13. Ha! That pic of you matching your wreath made me laugh. But, seriously, I love this simple and elegant wreath solution! I need a front door wreath and this would definitely be something up my I’m-willing-to-do-this alley!

  14. Love the roses and what you have done with them. I think wreaths and hair accessories are only the beginning of what you could do with these.

    So cute I had to pin them:


  15. It is so cute! Love your moment…lol. Thank you for sharing. Visiting from Project Queen. Would love it if you would share this at my Make it Pretty Monday party at The Dedicated House. http://thededicatedhouse.blogspot.com/2012/10/make-it-pretty-monday-week-19.html Hope to see you at the bash! Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  16. What a great project! Thanx for sharing with us how to make our own and for joining THT!

  17. Your wreath is SO pretty! I love it so much and am featuring it at the party this week! Thanks so much for linking up to Throwback Thursday. Come on by to grab your feature button if you’d like one :)

  18. That is a really really cool wreath! I may just have to make myself one of these!

  19. So pretty! Would love if if you linked up on my blog hop http://www.w-t-fab.com/search/label/bloghop. Also let me know if you’d like to follow each other!

  20. You are a featured favorite on Saturday Show & Tell on Cheerios and Lattes this week! Thanks again for sharing, we can’t wait to see what you’ve got for all of us this week! :)
    Mackenzie :)

  21. I loved this! Wanted to let you know you were also featured on I Freakin did it Friday @Miss Information! I hope you link up again!

  22. It’s so pretty…and I love it in your hair too! Thanks for sharing this on ‘Or so she says…’ at last week’s link party! I would love to have you add the party to your list and stop back to share more of your great ideas. There’s actually a party going on right now (it’s every Saturday through Tuesday.) Thanks a bunch! ~ Mariel http://www.oneshetwoshe.com

  23. Thanks for linking up to my party! I wanted to let you know I picked your link to feature this week! See my post and grab my feature button here http://toastiestudio.blogspot.nl/2012/10/create-inspire-monday-42-picks.html

  24. Love it! Featuring you today at Friday Fun Party. :)

  25. The last two pictures of my pretty sistah are my favorite. Love that shirt that goes so well with the wreath!

  26. I missed this post before because it was in my pre-Thinking Closet days…whatever did I do back then for inspiration? Found this post when I googled “how to make felt flower for wreaths” and was so excited to be directed to my buddy! Love these flowers! I may not use them for this project I’m working on as I want to incorporate button centers, but I’m tucking the idea away for future projects. Cute pic of you in your matching shirt!

  27. Great idea ! Just I want to know If want to start a little business , where we start?

    • thethinkingcloset says:

      Are you thinking of starting a wreath-making business? That could be a lot of fun…just watch out for carpel tunnel! After twisting all of those rosettes, my hands definitely felt DONE.

  28. Ooh it’s soooo pretty! And I love that you made some hair clips to match, too! Red is your color, my friend! Thank you so much for sharing this at Get Your DIY On! I hope to see you back on Sunday to link up your thrifted upcycle! Hope you’re having a wonderful week, Lauren!

    ~Abby =)

    • thethinkingcloset says:

      Look at you, Abby on the Spot, commenting on my link party submission so quickly! Y’all are awesome of there at Get Your DIY On! Oh, and do found objects count as “thrifted”? If so, I know exactly what I’ll be linking up. If not, no worries – - it’s back to the drawing board! Thanks for being such a fantastic hostess and bloggy buddy, Abby.

      (P.S. And thanks to you, I’ll be wearing red more often.)

  29. Hi – really nice idea! The flowers look easy enough to do but are really contemporary and stylish!

    • thethinkingcloset says:

      Thanks, Origami Girl! Yes, you definitely get into a rhythm with rolling the rosettes and it can go pretty quickly once you get started. I had a lot of fun with this wreath!

  30. This is an absolutely beautiful project. I love the step-by-step directions too…great job! This would be great to link up to Create It Thursday #21…it’s live now! Hope to see you there!

    • thethinkingcloset says:

      Thanks, Leslie. I personally crave step-by-step directions myself, especially when tackling a new medium, so I try to make it as easy and straightforward to my readers as possible. Guess it’s the teacher in me, too! Thanks for the comment love; following you on all platforms now!

  31. Your fall wreath is so pretty. I haven’t done the felt flowers yet, but I understand about the twisting and hot glue burns. Ahh, the life of a crafter, right? I’d love for you to link this up to our All Things Thursday Blog Hop going on right now. Hope to see you there!

    • thethinkingcloset says:

      It’s true! Just comes with the territory. After a few more years of this, I’m sure my fingertips will be so calloused, they won’t even feel a thing! Ha ha.

  32. Gorgeous!

  33. Your wreath is beautiful and looks great against your door, you do too!! : ) Great tutorial too!

    • thethinkingcloset says:

      Well, aren’t you kind? Thank you, Lori! I think this is the weekend I get that wreath out of storage in the basement and get it hanging up on our front door again!

  34. Love this! Now I just need to go buy some felt. Thanks for the tutorial.

  35. I’m a sucker for a rolled felt wreath, the one on my front door has gray flowers. I’m pinning this, and featuring it tomorrow on Planned in Pencil. Thanks for sharing it at the Pinworthy Project Party.

    • thethinkingcloset says:

      Whoo hoo! Thanks so much for the feature, PJ! And what a delight to find a fellow lover of rolled felt wreaths. #rolledfeltwreathloversunite!

  36. Thanks for the tutorial. Made it a few weeks ago and had to wait impatiently for Nov. to end and Dec. to start :) just noticed that we have the same owl door mat as you :)


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