DIY Rake Necklace Hanger

I now have a garden tool hanging in my bathroom!  And I promise it’s not just to weird out my landlord.  It actually serves a purpose.  And an important one at that.  But first, a little backstory.

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I’m a messy person by nature.  In fact, let me describe to you my surroundings right now.

I’m on the living room couch, half-sitting on some slippers.  To my right is a bowl of grapes, a random hanger, a pair of shorts, and half of a throw.  The other half is on the ground.  In front of me, the coffee table is covered in mail (which has been there for days), a kitchen timer, a hair clip, a bottle cap, and oh yeah – – a bag of mozzarella cheese that really should be in the fridge.  And that’s just the surrounding area.  And I don’t even have kids yet.

Have I painted a vivid enough picture?  Does it sound like your home, too?  Oh, good.

As messy as I am, I’m a person who craves having organizational systems.  If I do have a system in place, then I’m much more likely to keep a space organized over time.  So, throughout the year, I’ve been working my way through various messes to bring some order to the chaos.  My craft storage, fabric stash, and front hall closet have all undergone major transformations in the past few months.  My latest victim has been my necklaces!

The necklaces...before!


For a whole year, my poor necklaces have been dangling precariously from our bathroom light fixture.  That might not be so bad except there’s a tiny necklace-sized gap behind our vanity that is otherwise known as no-man’s-land.  I’ve already had one earring casualty back there, and every time I reach for a necklace, it’s a bit of a rush.  Necklaces are risking their lives here, people.

As a result, I don’t really wear necklaces very often.  Not only is it risky business, but it’s hard to see what you have when everything is all clumped together in a tangled mess.  Clearly, something had to be done!

And something was done.  I give to you…my rake necklace hanger:

D.I.Y. Rake Necklace Hanger by The Thinking Closet

And here’s the run-down of how to make it…in case you want to get out of raking leaves this fall.  {Smile.}

Rake Necklace Hanger Tutorial

Step 1.  Get your hands on a rake.  I’ve had my eyes peeled for a rusty, old rake ever since I first saw this pin many moons ago.   I scoured garage sales.  Thrift stores.  My neighbor’s garage.  But no dice!  So, I gave in and bought a new one at Home Depot for $9.97.  Done.  You can find similar ones like this one on Amazon.

(Note that some of these are affiliate links, meaning if you make a purchase using one of them, I may earn a small commission.  Thanks for supporting this site!  Read all the fine print here.)

Home Depot Run!

Step 2.  Chop off the handle.  Mark loves it when I invite him to help me with DIY projects, especially when they involve power tools!  And he’s happiest when cutting with his new favorite tool, his RIGID reciprocating saw.

A happy camper with his RIGID reciprocating saw.

First, we secured the rake to Mark’s workbench using his IRWIN Quick-Grip Clamp.  Then, he chopped off the handle just above the metal cuff.  Since I wanted to eliminate the handle entirely, he cut a slice straight down the open face of the handle, careful to stop when he struck metal inside.  After, he carefully worked his way through the metal cuff until it was cut through on one side.

{Fun fact: If you didn’t already guess, the magic of a reciprocating saw is that it can cut through metal…which makes it awesome for disassembling pallet boards because it can cut right through the nails.  In fact, we even made a 15 sec. Instagram video recently demonstrating its power!}

Reciprocating Saw in action!

Then, we used needle-nosed pliers to pry off the metal cuff…and…presto!  From there, the rest of the wood was easy to remove.

Removing the handle.

Step 3.  Lightly sand the metal.  I knew I wanted to paint my rake, so I just took some fine grit sandpaper to the metal surfaces as prep before painting.

Sanding the rake prior to painting.

Step 4.  Spray paint time!  Luckily, I had exactly the spray paint on hand that I needed.  It was the same spray paint I used on my DIY Subway Art Canvas: Rust-oleum Painter’s Touch Primer in Gray and then Semi-Gloss in White.  Just two thin coats of the primer covered it, followed by four thin coats of the white!

Spray paint!

Spray Painting!

Step 5.  Seal it.  We had some Zinsser Bulls Eye Shellac Spray on hand, so I used that to seal the project.  Keep it mind that shellac can add a slight yellow tint to your paint, which is a good thing if you’re going for a more “aged” look.

Spray Shellac.

Step 6.  Add twine or other embellishments.  I decided to wrap some twine around the top of the metal, just to add some texture to it (and because I really heart twine).  I remembered from my forays on Pinterest that Sarahndipities came up with the clever idea to run a line of twine across the rake for some earrings.  Earrings are my jam, and I can never get enough earring storage, so I made that addition.

DIY Rake Necklace Hanger with Twine for Earrings

Step 7.  Drill a drywall screw into your wall, hang your rake necklace organizer on said screw, and call it a day!

Here she is, hanging up in our bathroom.  Our Office calendar will have to find a new home because this rake is here to stay.  And now, I can actually see what I have and access it with ease.  It’s almost like rakes were meant to display necklaces or something!

DIY Rake Necklace Hanger by The Thinking Closet

DIY Rake Necklace Hanger by The Thinking Closet

DIY Rake Necklace Hanger by The Thinking Closet

DIY Rake Necklace Hanger by The Thinking Closet

I’m preparing to rake in the compliments on all the necklaces I’ll be rocking now!  {Sorry, I couldn’t help myself with that one.}

Craving more necklace organization ideas?

Be sure to check out my round-up of 25 Creative Solutions to Necklace Organization.  It’s chock full of clever organization ideas that you can easily DIY, just like this one.

25 Creative Solutions to Necklace Organization by The Thinking Closet

This post originally appeared on the fab-tastic blog, Or So She Says, where I serve as a monthly craft contributor.  I’m actually over there today sharing the story of how I made my Origami Bags this summer.  It’s a fun one for all you sewists out there!  Or really, anyone who believes crafting is better when it’s done with loved ones.  Visit Or So She Says to check it out!

Amy Butler Origami Bags | Tips, Tricks, and Inspiration from

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  1. says

    I love this, Lauren! Necklace hanging is another one of my “must-tackle projects”. I might keep my eye out for a rake during my junk-outings! (Also, love the twine – super cute!)

  2. Marmie/Lauren's mom says

    I loved this on Or So She Says and now it’s fun to see again. As I mentioned, yours is a rakish idea! Thanks for the round-up as well. Organizing my jewelry is definitely something I need to tackle soon.
    Will have to head on over to the other blog to learn about those origami bags!!

  3. says

    LOVE this!! I still need to organize my jewelry. I have an old rake in my shed…hmmm…I should do this!
    PS: Sharing on my FB page tomorrow 😉

  4. says

    How fun! Women will be pulling their lawn rakes out from garages everywhere! I just might have to go dig one out and disassemble it too! I loved it and really enjoy starting my day with a smile. Thanks for sharing :)

    • thethinkingcloset says

      Perfect! I was really pulling for a rustic old rake that I could upcycle…but I could only wait so long and then my impatience got the best of me. A Home Depot run it was!

  5. says

    How cute is that! Thats the second rake project I’ve seen this week…I really need to get some I had no idea they were so useful for decor. =)

    • thethinkingcloset says

      If I hadn’t seen that initial pin, Abby, I probably wouldn’t have seen their vast potential either, Abby! Rakes have now been redeemed for purposes beyond raking! 😉

    • thethinkingcloset says

      Oooo…knowing you and your creative ways, I’m sure it’s going to be fantabulous! I might have to make this list of 25 a list of 26 when yours hits the blogosphere. Keep me posted!

  6. says

    I love this! I’ve wanted to make this for a while now but still haven’t. I don’t know why. It looks great! I would LOVE for you to share this at “That’s My Style” Link Party this FRIDAY(EVERY WEEKEND!) on my blog. Not comfortable sharing? Stop by anyway for beauty related post and fun DIY projects. I hope to see you there! :)

    Karla @

    • thethinkingcloset says

      Thanks for the kind words, Karla, and the invitation! I heart your blog title, by the way. I use the word serendipity at least twice a day. Can’t wait to stop by and explore your digs!

    • thethinkingcloset says

      Yay! I’m delighted that it may have inspired a Home Depot run for you, Jessica. I mean, when is a Home Depot run ever a bad thing? 😉 And if you do tackle your own rake necklace hanger, please pretty please send me pics so I can feature you in my next Reader Showcase!

  7. says

    oh! me love, LOVE your idea Lauren, you are so creative (as always) :-) & I LOVE your beautiful colorful necklaces too! I should do something like this (thanks for the idea)
    (btw, the way you describe your house, mine is worst; you should see all Nate’s toys on the floor, in the kitchen counter, EVERYWHERE …) ha!ha! 😉

    • thethinkingcloset says

      Glad it has sparked some inspiration for you, Ingrid! I really was feeling so uninspired by that cluster of tangled necklaces on our bathroom light fixture…this rake solution was such a welcomed (and long overdue) change!

      Ha ha, and I can practically see the toy explosion you describe! Something for me to look forward to someday? 😉

  8. says

    I love it Lauren! I just diyed a jewelry organizer to get my necklaces out of reach of my 2 year old. I wish I had seen your tutorial first! Guess I’ll have to go buy more jewelry so I have no choice but to make another organizer right?

    • thethinkingcloset says

      Ha ha! Sounds like a plan to me, Melissa! And knowing you and your creative self, I’m sure that whatever you DIY’d turned out loverly.

    • thethinkingcloset says

      Debbie, imagine me clicking my heels together with glee at your super sweet comment! That’s how happy I am. Thanks so much for stopping by, for the follow, and for the kind words!

  9. says

    Just featured your awesomeness on my FB page Lauren. Thanks so much for linking up to our “Inspiration Monday Party”! I love what you did! XO ~ Julie

    • thethinkingcloset says

      Thanks again for the feature, Alexis! I’m honored! And at least you have a system; before this, everything was just a tangled mess. Onwards and upwards, though!

  10. says

    I love this – I’m always looking for creative ways to display my jewelry, and since I used to have a jewelry design business, I have a LOT of jewelry…

    • thethinkingcloset says

      Awesome, Leah! Yes, I can just the wall full of rake necklace hangers now…or if that’s less practically, hopefully one of the other ideas in my round-up will suit you and your jewelry design needs! (Oh, how I’d love to raid your stash…I’m sure there are so many stunning creations.)

    • thethinkingcloset says

      Hani, you are too generous in your praise! I’m soaring on cloud 9 now thanks to you and your kind words.

  11. says

    Hi Lauren,
    I found you on Made in a Day. I was featured too:) I pinned one of these jewelry rakes a while back, but I really <3 yours. Pinning! Love the crisp white and rustic features. Stopping over to Sverve to endorse/follow you. I'm there too:)

    • thethinkingcloset says

      Congrats on the feature, Michele! And I’m touched by your sweet comment and support. So glad you approve of my rake necklace hanger!

  12. says

    This is super cute, but I don’t know if I’d have the patience to actually make this my self. Since that’s the case I’ll just have to admire it from afar on your site. I love the other necklace hanger idea as well with drift wood and door knobs. I’m envious of how crafty you are!

    • thethinkingcloset says

      Not sure if I was patient or just stubborn–lol. I had it in my head that I REALLY wanted a rake necklace hanger, and I was determined to get ‘er done, even if it meant buying the rake instead of repurposing an old one and using some heavy-duty power tools. 😉 Hope you find a DIY jewelry organization idea that really works well for you, Erica!

    • thethinkingcloset says

      Thanks again for the feature, Sumo! I’m so touched! And I love your block party. Was ecstatic to be the first at the party tonight! (I’m hardly ever early or on time to parties…so it was a big moment. Lol.)

    • thethinkingcloset says

      Seriously, we need to look into getting Oklahoma and Florida moved a bit closer together; that would seriously make my life to get to create things together…especially since your garage sounds like a magical-DIY-project-supply-center!

  13. says

    You’ve been featured on Give Me The Goods! And will be on my FB page this afternoon 😉 Amazing job 😉
    Jamie @

    • thethinkingcloset says

      Thanks, Marilyn! I’m with ya on the whole “using ordinary items in unexpected ways” thang. And I love that once you start thinking outside the box in that regard, you start to see everything in a different light! (Clothespin as chip bag clip? Yes please! Matchbox as sewing travel kit? You got it!)

  14. says

    It was fun to look at this one again. I think I saw this featured on another post previously. But it was fun to read of Mark’s contribution! You always rock the necklaces…maybe if I had a better way of organizing mine, I’d wear them more. Currently, outta sight, outta mind. Thanks for bringing ’em to mind!

  15. says

    YESSSSSS! I have a rake that I am wanting to do this with but wasn’t sure what to do at the handle. I love the twine wrapped around it! I was thinking I would use wire but twine is definitely a better idea! :)


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