The Friday Five: A Jig in a Tiny Little Hat

Helloooo, friends!  I hope my US readers had a very happy Fourth of July yesterday and a belated Happy Canada Day to my friends north of the border.  Did you manage to avoid #holidayfails?  Or were you, too, perhaps burned by a seemingly harmless sparkler not one but two Fourth of a Julys in a row like I was as a wee lass?  (Oh, and if you have #childhoodhorrorstories of your own to share, please join the conversation on Twitter or the Facebook!)

Fourth of July Fail

Perhaps some of you celebrated the holiday like Ron Swanson, doing a jig in a tiny little hat!  (Does it get more “American” than Ron Swanson?)

Ron Swanson Gif

Source: Tumblr

Well, today I’m sharing the second edition of The Friday Five.  Plain and simple, The Friday Five includes five links to help usher in the weekend with some inspiration.  Today, however, I’m going to try something new….

One thing I’m working on constantly is conciseness.  Most of my life, I have lived by the philosophy of why use 5 words when you can use 500?!  But today, I’m going to keep each intro to 5 words and 5 words only, just to challenge myself.  Because really, these links are so great, they could speak for themselves.  5 words is my compromise.  Wish me luck!

The Friday Five…with Five Word Intros

1.  Social media: menos es más.

2.  Definition art speaks to me.

kitchen definition tea-towel by cutesy crafts

Definition Art Tea-Towels by Cutesy Crafts

3.  Cartoon Alice was a human!

4.  Live life to the full.

5.  I want to eat these.

Sprinkle Tea Candles by Food & Femininity

Sprinkle Tea Candles by Food & Femininity

Annnnnd, that’s about all the conciseness I can muster for one post! I just have to spill more about this last one:

So, a few months ago, a classmate from my days of Educational Theatre at N.Y.U., Erin Phraner, happed upon my blog and was like, “I know her!”  Don’t you love it when you find a familiar face in blogland?  And whad’ya know, I recently clicked on this photo on Dream a Little Bigger’s Tumblr and was led back to Erin’s yummylicious blog, Food & Femininity.  Then, I had the opportunity to say, “I know her!  (It really is a small blog-world after all.)

So, although I would have shared this anyway because I love it so much, I’m also proud to share it because I know and admire the gal who made these tea candles.  We played theatre games together for two years in stuffy classrooms in New York City.  If that doesn’t bond you, I don’t know what will!

Now, Erin is a Food Editor at Good Housekeeping (she’s that good) and Food & Femininity is where she shares beautiful photos, scrumptious recipes, and easy tutorials on her creations.  Stop by and say hi!

Want More Inspiration?

Check out my first installment of The Friday Five here.  And my bloggy buddy Thalita’s Friday Five at The Learner Observer here.  And don’t forget to enter my current Silhouette Giveaway if you haven’t already!  (Accepting entries until 11:59p EST Sunday night.)

Cheers and happy weekend!  {I like to link up.}


Lovely comments so far...

    • thethinkingcloset says

      Whenever I need a laugh, all I need to do is just check out that gif. It never fails to make me lol! And thanks for never ceasing to inspire me with your creations. Oh how glad I am that you sent me that Pinterest invite in the first place!

    • thethinkingcloset says

      Ha ha, Jen I’m glad to know that you and I share such similar interests and loves! Kindred bloggers we are!

  1. says

    Lauren, be concise? This I’ve got to see! 😉 I love your sense of humor, Lauren. You just make me smile all over. Wonderful 5 links this week. I’m going to go check out those tea candles now. They just have to be edible, don’t they?

    • thethinkingcloset says

      Chuckle, chuckle! It was tough, and I probably won’t be able to do that for every Friday Five from here on out, but it was a good exercise for me. Being concise takes a whole lot more time than being verbose, though…that I have learned! 😉 Hope you had a fantastic weekend, Bethany!

    • thethinkingcloset says

      Ha ha, yes I would have loved to play Alice. You know me well! Wasn’t that little actress great, though? So responsive and expressive. Makes you wonder if Disney did that sort of thing on other animated films from that era…. And I heard you shared this with everyone in O.G. this weekend! Yay!

    • thethinkingcloset says

      You’re welcome, Cristina! I’m glad to know you found a link that really resonated with you. Marie Forleo is great. If you’re not signed up to get her weekly emails, I highly recommend it. I always take away some nugget of wisdom from her. Have a wonderful week!

    • thethinkingcloset says

      I know about that overwhelming part! And I feel like most voices out there tell you that you need to be EVERYWHERE on social media, so it was refreshing to hear a new voice saying that it’s okay better if you can focus on just a few and do those few well! Now that sounds do-able to me. 😉

      My Fourth was low-key and relaxed, just as I wanted it! Thanks. Hope yours was wonderful, Abby!

  2. says

    What a great Friday Five! Love all of your different little “Internet nibblies” – I can’t wait to sample them!

    (Also, how cool that your friend is the Food Editor at Good Housekeeping? And you guys met in teacher school? Crazy!)

    • thethinkingcloset says

      “Kidlets”…”nibblies”…you speak my language, girlfriend! 😉

      And yes, isn’t that wild that Erin and I were classmates together in the Educational Theatre program at N.Y.U?! And that we reconnected through this great big blogland?! (Though not so big as one might imagine….) “It’s a small world after all,” as the song goes. And I apologize in advance if you have it stuck in your head all day long. 😉

  3. says

    Eeks! Lauren you’ve totally made my day. Love reading your posts and SO honored to be included in this week’s roundup—thank you so much. Gotta love how small blogland is :) xo Erin

    • thethinkingcloset says

      The honor was all mine, Erin! Those candles are well worth the feature, and I’m delighted to hopefully send some visitors your way. Food and Femininity is such an inspirational space. :-) Hugs!

  4. Marmie says

    Lauren, I could totally see you doing a Lauren TV-land show like Marie has done. You have the acting flair, humor, creativity, style, and beauty! I liked how she encouraged folks to simplify and be on social media less.

    Dad showed us the Alice clip and also to Johnny, my high school classmate who visited this weekend. Just fascinating. Wonder what else is in those DISNEY VAULTS?!

    So cool about your friend Erin being a food editor at GH, one of my fav magazines!


    • thethinkingcloset says

      You are too kind, Mom! That’s high praise. Marie Forleo is an awesome gal, and her videos never fail to get me thinking…I’m glad you enjoyed it!

      And that Alice clip is pretty neat, huh? I like to think that the Disney Vault is FULL of secrets…we could never handle them all at once so they have to space out their reveals over years and years. Basically, Disney is the CIA. :-)

  5. says

    It seems like Social Media unsured-ness is another thing we have in common; seriously, how are people good at this, and why do they not feel weird about promoting themselves? Meh.
    Can’t wait to go home and watch that video today!

    • thethinkingcloset says

      Social media can become so very me-focused, isn’t it? And unfortunately, I think we’re getting so used to seeing others promote themselves, that it almost just becomes part of the territory and we’re so quick to do it, too. I know I’m guilty of it. And not that it’s a bad thing to say, “Hey! Look at this thing I did! I’m excited about it!” But if we’re ONLY sharing posts/tweets like that and not showing support and care for others and their stories, then well, we’re missing the mark in a big way. Man, I wish we weren’t halfway around the world from each other, so that we could grab coffee and chat more about this. :-)

  6. Jessica says

    Thanks for the inspiration and laughs, Lauren! I too could eat your friend Erin’s candles. What is it about colorful sprinkles that screams “Eat me please!”? (Thought you could use some inanimate object personification today). I’ve so missed your sweet humor since I went on my self-imposed computer strike and am so glad to stop by today to be wildly amused once again.
    Oh, and fireworks take on a whole new level of safety when you’re married to an engineer who works with ballistics for a living. No one will ever be injured on his watch!

    • thethinkingcloset says

      Good for you for taking a computer strike, Jessica! We all need that every now and again…lest our computers think of themselves more highly than they ought! 😉 And yes, thank you for the inanimate object personification! I can never get enough…especially from you, my friend.

      And I’ve decided I shall only handle sparklers in the presence of your husband from here on out! In fact, that might help me get over my fear of sparkler burns! :-)

  7. says

    This was great! I remember when Dad showed us the Alice video…quite jaw-dropping. And I really liked the video on social media. I agree with every point! Especially menos es mas. I think that’s becoming a life goal of mine! Also, I’m with Mom that I could totally see you doing something like she does…thethinkingcloset on TV! You’d rock that.

    • thethinkingcloset says

      Aw. Your belief in me means a lot, sis. I remember when you told me you thought I could pull off Sarah Brown in Guys and Dolls at R.N. Your belief in me is what allowed me to belief in myself…and to really GO for it at the audition. Thank you for that!


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