Craft Drawer Organization for the Budget Savvy

Okay, taking a poll here: does anyone have craft storage that looks a little scary?  Like this:

Craft Drawer Organization for the Budget Savvy via Lauren from The Thinking Closet

If so, welcome to the club.  But we don’t have to live like this!

I came up with a budget savvy solution to my craft drawer organization, and I’m sharing my tutorial over at Or So She Says today.   The best part: I only spent a few bucks and was able to use a lot of items I already had lying around the house.  Don’t you just love it when that happens?  Click over to check it out!

May our craft drawers be cluttered no more.

This is Lauren, signing off.

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  1. says

    Beautiful, Lauren. You had me at ‘organization’ and ‘budget savvy’. I did much the same in my full bath’s vanity’s drawers using cardboard boxes and gift wrap. I used a ‘hot pink’ paisley pattern (matches NOTHING in my house) and smile every time I open the drawers. I also organized my utility closet using baby wipes containers. Neither of these projects have I shared, but I feel much better having completed the tasks.

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      Ha! I knew I would appreciate this post; your closet reorganization project tipped me off to that. And I love the idea of using a wild color / patterned paper inside the drawers…it’s closed up in a drawer anyway, so why not? Clever idea to use baby wipe containers, too; those things are solid. And way cheaper than Tupperware containers!

  2. says

    Oh, honey, that’s nothin’! You should see my craft storage aka my master bedroom closet. We have no extra closets because the little persons all want to keep their stuff. There are fabric stashes mixed in with shoes, paint and scrapbooking supplies on the shelf with Easter decorations, and yarn that’s been attacked by the cat and now crammed into a plastic bag on top of discarded cross stitching supplies. It’s not that I’m a disaster per se, more that there is nowhere else for it to go (plus I’d rather spend time crafting than reorganizing my supplies)! So, I’m heading over to Or So She Says right now for a magical solution to my craft disaster!

    • says

      Oh, Jessica…you had me chuckling with your vivid description of your craft/bedroom closet! I feel like I can see it! Not sure my solution is magical, but it’s definitely pretty easy and inexpensive. Hopefully there’s some inspiration in it for you. And I hear you about wanting more to craft than reorganize the supplies…that’s why I had to sort of turn it into a craft project and entice myself with pretty contact paper. Similar to how I have to trick myself into working out by taking classes like “Hip Hop.” ‘Cuz dancin’ is fun!

  3. says

    Your before looks like my best day being organized! I’m desperately in need of an organized crafting space. It’s definitely on my list of projects to complete this ..year? Hopefully before spring comes it will be done. Love what you did with the boxes.. I’ll be using that idea as well. Thanks!

    • says

      Glad you found the idea useful, Bekka Poo! I’m all about simple, inexpensive, but cute! Spring is a great time to get organized. Put on some music, make some fresh lemonade, and make a day of it!

  4. KAREN L says

    Girl you were reading my mind again. For weeks I have been staring at those same type of storage units in my workroom and in my office. The storage bins in my office were see thru and I didn’t like seeing the stuff in them so I took sheets of paper, folded them and placed them inside against the wall for a temporary fix until I found something better. BINGO!! And better came along in the name of Lauren. I am going to my dollar store to get the contact paper and being in the restaurant business, I always have a stack of various sized boxes on hand to cover.
    Thank you Thank you Thank you!!

    • KAREN L says

      Something else to add to the project. I have some cardboard type magazine holders that look more masculine and rough around the edges – They will look really nice covered in the matching contact paper or a companion paper.
      Thanks again Lauren!

      • says

        Great idea to cover the magazine holders, too! The contact paper is great for unifying everything. My advice: get more rolls than you think you need. I’m already wanting to cover more boxes, but need to go out and buy another roll.

    • says

      Karen, you make me smile! You’re so welcome. I’m so glad that you’re keen on this idea! The dollar store is a great place for contact paper – – and oh how I would have loved to raid your stack of boxes for some of the nooks that were tough to fill. You’ll have to send me a pic of your drawers when you’re finished!

  5. says

    Love it! What a great way to get things organized. You don’t even want to see my crafting space… I’ve outgrown my little box for jewelry making supplies and have spilled into a grocery sack and all over my desk and a shelf. Oh, dear! I need to find some contact paper to decorate boxes to keep all this in. 😉

    • says

      Ha ha! I know, the more we craft, the more supplies we obtain…it’s hard to manage it all. I’m hoping that when we buy a home, I can have a tiny “craft room” but for now, storage units and closet space in various places around the house will have to suffice!

  6. says

    Woman you have no idea how badly I need to do this everywhere in my house. The linen closet. The craft boxes. My daughters room. The kitchen drawers. I love what you did with the cardboard boxes and the contact paper. So simple and yet so much nicer!

  7. says

    great post, love the way you organized everything! you made the boxes look so pretty! you have great ideas Lauren, I might use this to do something similar in my son’s bedroom! :-)

    • says

      Thanks, Ingrid! There’s so much fun contact paper out there (especially if you order online)…I’m guessing you could find a pattern to go with your son’s bedroom decor! And you can’t beat the price. 😉

  8. says

    I too am in the middle of trying to come up with ways to organize all my craft and art supplies (aren’t we all). This post is just what I needed! Thanks!

  9. says

    LOVE this!! You’ve inspired me to organize my dreaded craft bin (yes, bin–singular!). I am currently storing all of my supplies in a giant plastic tub I had lying around, the inside of which looks like craft supply genocide. I never even thought to organize the bin with smaller bins inside–duh!! And yours turned out so cute! Thanks again!

    • says

      I have a medium-sized plastic tub that sounds like yours (though I didn’t yet organize it) – – and I thought about using this same method, but adding sheets of cardboard as layers in between each level…similar to how Christmas ornaments are packed. Does that make sense? Either way, I’m glad to know you may have found a solution to your craft storage woes. Lord knows we’ve all got ’em! 😉 P.S. LOVE your blog. Got lost there for quite a spell.

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