5 Pearls of Wisdom from 5 Different Bloggers

5 Pearls of Wisdom from 5 Different Bloggers - Shared By The Thinking Closet

I love reading other blogs.  I just gain so much inspiration and insight from the words of my fellow bloggers.  Here’s my routine at the end of the day:

  • I hop onto bloglovin’ and scroll through the list of new posts from the 75 blogs I follow (yes, 75).
  • I click over to the articles that catch my eye.  Sometimes it’s the title, sometimes it’s the photo, and other times, it’s the first few sentences that pull me in (we should all strive for the triple threat, shouldn’t we?).  There are some bloggers with whom I’ve developed a close bloggy buddyship, and I will click over and read their posts no matter what.  In the words of Aerosmith, “I don’t wanna miss a thing.”
  • I try to leave a comment on each post that I read.
  • I click on hyperlinks that look enticing.  So, if a blogger hyperlinks an awesome article on how to feature your most Pinterest-worthy posts in your sidebar, you can bet I’m going to click over and read it.  The word “awesome” still bears weight with me (even though it’s no longer 1996).
  • And through my clicking, I hop from blog to blog (you know the way it goes), and through that exploration I have discovered some pretty incredible bloggers out there with a lot to learn from.

Obviously, this is time-consuming.  The largest quantity of my “blogging time” each day is spent reading and commenting on other blogs.  But I also still consider myself pretty new at this whole blogging business, and I am soaking up so much from my fellow bloggers.  The time invested is worthy.  It makes me a better blogger, and I’ve forged some wonderful relationships as a result.

So, rather than keep these pearls of wisdom to myself, I thought I’d devote a post to passing some of them along to you; it’ll make for some great weekend reading.  And while the topic is on blogging, many of the tenants hold true for life in general…especially the last two.

Here are five pearls of wisdom from five different bloggers.  Each one is “awesome” in its own rite.

Pearl #1: Blog puberty: it’s part of growing up as a blogger.

Mandi from Vintage Revivals keeps it real in her post, Blog Puberty: It’s a Thing.  It was the first thing I read by her, and I immediately latched on to her candid writing style and relatability.  Although I’m still a baby blogger in many ways, I resonated with much of what she wrote about blogger adolescence and the awkwardness of it all – – from migrating from .com to self-hosted and having to start all over again in the eyes of Google to the frustrations of Pinterest getting credit for the creativity of real people.  The post is worth a visit if only to see her amazingly awkward self-portraits.  Gotta love a girl who’s willing to make herself look a fool.  Click here to read this pearl.

Pearl #2: Break the rules on WHAT to post.

It was refreshing to come across a post by Danielle from Take Heart, ironically entitled: A Blogger’s Guide to Blogging.  There’s a lot that has been written out there about the importance of staying in your niche as a blogger.  For example, if you’re a fashion blogger, many advise that you should stick to fashion posts and not post recipes or crafts or reflections on life.  While there’s definite value to having a focus, Danielle makes the oh so wise point that your priority as a blogger should be to write from your heart and on what you’re excited about.  That may take you in many different directions, but that’s okay.  Be true to you.  That’s just one of the many pearls she shares in this post.  Check ’em all out here.

5 Pearls of Wisdom from 5 Different Bloggers via The Thinking Closet

Danielle from Take Heart

Pearl #3: Break the rules on WHEN to post. 

So, maybe you’ve seen a certain little blog button on my sidebar that reads “Madalynne”?  It looks like this:


Okay, so Madalynne is a technical designer and pattern maker for Urban Outfitters who writes over at her self-titled blog.  We started up an email correspondence after I had asked her about her blog design (which I so admire).  She’s a friendly gal, so we got to writing about all sorts of things, and she offered some wisdom that really hit home.  With her permission, here’s an excerpt from our email correspondence:

“One tip I can give for blogging is that it doesn’t matter HOW many times you post per week; what matters is that you are consistent. Some of my favorite blogs only post 2 times per week but when their posts are QUALITY posts. Emily Shuman of the blog CUPCAKES AND CASHMERE used to only post 3 times per week, and I appreciated that. I don’t have time to read all 10 of her posts (hypothetically), and by her posting less frequently, I felt like I could stay on top of her life and that I got the highlights rather than the nonsense I don’t care about. So, keep at it and don’t worry about posting all the time. Just make sure you’re consistent. Does this make sense?”

Yes, Madalynne.  It makes perfect sense.  Although I set a personal goal of posting three times a week, I’m learning that it’s much more important to post when you have something to share rather than posting for the sake of posting.

Now, click here to go visit her beautiful blog.

Pearl #4: Say no to say yes.

One of the blogs I have been following since I started blogging in September is Elise Blaha’s slice of the w.w.w., Enjoy It.  She is one of those bloggers who is generous with her pearls, and I’ve gleaned so many tips and tricks from her over the past several months.  One pearl came from a reflective post in December called Three Business Lessons from 2012.  Her first lesson was to “say no to say yes.”  She explained that although it can feel uncomfortable to say “no” to offers that come your way, if it’s not in alignment with your passions and goals, you’ve gotta say “no” in order to leave more room to say “yes” to those projects that do fuel your creative fire.  Click here to read her other 2 business lessons, which are also precious pearls!

Elise Blaha from Enjoy It on Three Business Lessons from 2012

Elise Blaha from Enjoy It

Pearl #5: Feed your life.  It will feed your blog.

Erin blogs over at Living in Yellow, and I’ve gotten a lot out of her posts on blogging…in particular, her post entitled Blogging Advice in Your Words.  It’s a compilation of tons of little pearls from bloggers across blogland in response to Erin’s tweet and Facebook post requesting advice on blogging.  She published them all, organizing them by category, and included a final category with her own advice.  One pearl she stated was short, simple, but oh so profound: “Feed your life.  It will feed your blog.”  How true!  If we’re struggling to come up with an idea for a post, what good does it do to stay behind a screen twiddling a virtual pencil?  We need to get out.  Go on an adventure with family and friends.  Intentionally choose to do activities that nurture creativity.  It is then that the ideas and inspiration will flow.  There are a whole lot more pearls where that one came from: click here.

Living in Yellow

So, that’s what I’ve been reading.  How about you?  Blogger or not, have you read any posts, articles, or books that have been “pearly” and full of wisdom?  Do share in the comments below!  I’m always eager to get my eyes on some good readin’.

Have a great weekend, folks!

P.S. The word “pearl” was mentioned 18 times in this post.  Can I get a witness keyword?

P.P.S.  I link up here.

This is Lauren, signing off.

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  1. says

    Thank you for a well thought out and helpful post! I’m looking forward to perusing some of these tips over time. Admittedly, I haven’t done much research on blogging as my time seems to run out, so I am very appreciative that you have compiled so many pearls in one neat little package of pearls since we all like pearls. (just trying to make you feel at home by using pearls too).

    I will attest to the value of Pearl #4 saying no just in life in general. As my home has grown with more little lives and my priorities have shifted, I have had to give myself pep talks to say no to the commitments that don’t fit with the Lord’s vision for our lives. No is not easy but sometimes it’s necessary and usually worth it.

    • says

      Ha ha! Love that you joined me in my quest to overuse the word “pearl.” I was droppin’ it like it was hot, and was truthfully, too tired by the end of it to sift for synonyms.

      And I appreciated your own pearls of wisdom on “saying no.” You’re right that it’s not easy, but can be necessary and oh so worthwhile in the end. I used to say “yes” to everything, to the point where I never had a spare moment in my day – – no margin room at all…but that can very quickly leave us frazzled and only doing a half-hearted job with the many plates we have spinning. So, I’m learning the value and importance of saying “no” to certain things in order to say yes to other things. And I definitely seek out God to help me discern that difference, as I know you do, friend.

  2. says

    I’ve got a post coming up just for you then Lauren. My one year look back at blogging and how much has changed since I did my first entry. It’s mind boggling how your site changes, how you change, how see blogging and the community. I’ve been writing it for awhile now to post in February b/c I can never seem to edit the list down as there are so many little things that I wish I had known or paid more attention to but it’s one of those things that you just have to learn as you go.

    But ITA with a lot of the advice and advice in the links and I can totally relate to the whole free blog to self hosted google status dropping.That killed me for the first while and even though I knew it would happen, I didn’t realize how crappy I would really feel. You really take pride in a lot of the work and tutorials that you do and when they disappear from the search engines b/c you go self hosted you cringe.

    I like how you have 75 blogs in BlogLovin. I swear if it wasn’t for that on my phone I’d be royally messed up in keeping up. Mind you the one thing I am terrible at with reading them that way is commenting (and I love commenting) b/c I cannot type on my iPhone to save my life. :)

    • says

      I so look forward to that post of yours Alex! I’m only four months in and everything has changed so much, from how often I post, to what I post, to other views on blogging- things I stopped doing, started doing and pay more attention to don’t. I can’t imagine what it will be like in a year. So I can’t wait to read your post!

      • says

        I feel the same way, Aubrey. If we’ve changed and grew this much in just four months, what will happen in 8 months or 1 year? I wonder if growth ever plateaus or if it just keeps on keeping on….?

    • says

      I totally hear you about using BlogLovin’ on your phone. I read from BlogLovin’ on the bus into work, but commenting is a real pain on a phone. I try very hard, but it doesn’t always work out. Especially when I encounter word verification! Ugh!!!

      Man, I am totally in blog puberty. It’s amazing how your thoughts on blogging and your blog itself goes through such a transformation! Just started following you, Alex, so hopefully I’ll catch this epic post of yours. 😉

    • says

      Oooo! I’m looking very much forward to this post you speak of – – I’d even love to see your uber-long and unedited list even…so I can glean as many of your pearls as possible, Alex.

      Confession: had to look up “ITA” in google. Now I’m with ya: “I totally agree!” Adding that to my arsenal of internet slang A.W.S. (Just made that up: “as we speak.”)

      Not looking forward to the crappy feeling you describe after the great migration…”no pain, no gain” will probably be mantra in those beginning days of losing half of my subscribers and being an infant in Google’s eyes. Sigh. Bracing myself.

      I know what you mean about frustrations with commenting on your phone–it takes about twice as long and I can only write half as much; and what I don’t like is that after I clickover to read them, they disappear from my bloglovin’ queue, so I can’t comment on them later. Blast! But nevertheless, bloglovin’ is my favorite way to follow.

      Thanks for your thoughtful comment and affirmations, Alex. I appreciate every word.

  3. says

    I’m right there with ya- I follow 105 blogs and it was more than that until I just cut it down a tad. :) We have a similar routine. I go to Bloglovin’ too and do all of that but then I also go through comments on blog posts I like and see their blogs and comment on them, if I like them. Sometimes I also go to the sponsors if I really like a blog and see their blogs. I will say it is very time consuming, like you said, but I just set a time limit on myself. 😉 One needs limits. :) I normally read my blog feed in the morning. What about you?

    I agree with every single one of those bloggers! Never do I think we should limit ourselves to just our niche but instead to our hearts. I agree on consistency- it’s something I talked about in my first vlog. I will say, it takes some time to find your consistency. When I started I made the mistake of trying to do it every day. Then I learned from that terrible mistake (aka lesson) and started posting 4-5 days a week. Now I’m finding that 2-3 posts a week are just right for me. It gives me time to dedicate all of my attention to them. I am thinking of picking certain days of the week because it’s suggested to see when people get on and read your posts. For example, I rarely get any visitors if I post on Saturday or Sunday, which make sense. So I’m thinking of sticking to the weekdays, maybe Monday, Wednesday, Friday but then again I don’t want to be too constraining. I don’t think it will be but I won’t know until I try. So I decided to start today with that routine. :)

    Looks like we both follow Elise because I just mentioned her in my post today too! :) I actually never read that post of hers though but I have an upcoming post sort of similar, on the line of saying no and asking yourself certain questions.

    I agree with Erin and would add that I wouldn’t just step away when you have no ideas but anytime you are working on ideas, step away from the screen. In my post Why you should read, Steal like an artist I talk about what Austin mentions in his fabulous book, which is to only use those electronic devices to publish, to type it, to put it out there, but to use your environment, your analog area free of all things digital, your explorations to inspire your ideas. That’s the method that I take and much prefer because then there is no doubt about originality.

    Great post Lauren! I have one in my draft of best tips I have gotten about blogging, though I can’t for the life of me remember who said them. :(

    • says

      Aubrey, you’re one of the few bloggers I’ve seen do that – – comment on other comments on posts that you read. I think it’s wonderful because then the conversation really widens to a dialogue. I really want to start doing that more! I’ve been visiting sponsors, too, especially as I’m doing “research” to see which blog designs my eye is drawn to the most. I’ve discovered so many blogs in the process (2 of which are in my list of 5 today!).

      Limits are good, and important. I’ll admit, I need to work on that, especially when it comes to reading and commenting on other blogs (I just love it so much!). Perhaps I can set a timer. To answer your question, I normally read at the end of the day or the beginning of the day…polar opposites, I know, but I enjoy it both as a wrap-up and a jumpstart.

      I loved that vlog of yours on consistency; I’m glad you shared the link here, so others can check it out. You brought up so many great points, and I love that it all came organically from your own life and an experience you had. 2-3 posts is about the rhythm I’m finding, too, but during the holidays, it was more, and I expect that other times, it will be less…and I’m going to be okay with that ebb and flow, I decided. Mondays – Friday mornings seem to the best times to post that I can tell…and I’m trying to post more in the mornings, even if it means scheduling my posts in advance. As a night owl, I tend to write late into the night (as evidenced by this comment reply). Will be curious to see what you discover from trying to post on specific days; you might inspire me to try the same.

      And you hit on a really good point about stepping away from the screen anytime you’re working on ideas. It’s always fruitful, isn’t it? In fact, you’ve just inspired me to dig up my “sense journal” from college. We had to keep one during the course of my “stage design” study and jot down sensory experiences we had while going about our day – – things that really stood out – – an interesting visual, a powerful smell, a beautiful sound. I was amazed at how just by having a journal to jot those things down, I started noticing so much more in the environment around me. My senses were heightened that semester. It would be a worthwhile experience to try again!

      Thanks, Aubrey!

      • says

        I do that too, where I tend to also read at the end of the day. I am thinking of just keeping it to one time, maybe the end because by then people will have commented on the blogs I read and I can also read their comments. :)

        Me too on morning posting! I only post in the mornings, schedule it for 3am. I’m only thinking of doing Mon/Wed/Fri so that it will make planning easier because I’m working on planning out my posts but if I have something extra to share I won’t stop from sharing it just because it’s not on one of those days. :) Goes back to blogging from the heart. :)

        Your sense journal sounds awesome and that’s so cool that they had you do that! My dad and I were talking about something similar yesterday!

  4. says

    Hi Lauren, thanks so much for the link. I’m glad you found my post helpful and love the way your sidebar looks! I think doing this also helps people connect the dots between YOUR blog and all the pins they’ve seen FROM your blog on Pinterest. E.g., I actually came to your blog to see the wood pallet sign tutorial before, and now I’m connecting it with YOU the blogger. (BTW – you should totally sell those on Etsy!) I do appreciate your mention – thanks!


    • says

      Jeni, you’re so kind to stop by and comment! I’m a huge fan of your blog and have found so many of your posts and tutorials extremely helpful. They’re just so darn practical! And you’re right about the sidebar helping readers to connect dots. That’s happened to me before on several occasions, and how crazy that happened for you with me! Wow.

      And I’m extremely flattered about your suggestion to mass-produce the wood pallet signs and sell them on Etsy. We had so much fun making it, it may not be a bad idea! 😉


  5. Nancy Hoffman says

    Thanks Lauren. I’m walking the tension between the big wide world of blogs and the potential to spend too much time in front of the screen. The result, generally, is that I spend the most time on blogs which are created by people I already know and love, like you! That being said, there is a recent one I really need to share with you; find it here: http://diaryofamusingmama.blogspot.com/2013/01/the-face-at-door.html

    Deanna babysat for Kevin back in the day – we were great friends with her parents who pastored a church near ours and we enjoyed family time together. Deanna and her husband felt a nudge from God to adopt a special needs child from an orphanage in Eastern Europe and the chronicles of their adventure have been a blessing to me. This blog entry however, blew me away. Following God is a radical adventure that we cannot begin to comprehend, even when we are in the middle of it. Just when we think we get it, he takes us deeper. I hope that you are blessed and challenged by this. Love you!!

    • says

      I agree wholeheartedly that we need to be careful of how much time we spend in front of the screen; I know I can tend to err on the side of “too much,” especially now that I’ve fallen in love with blogging. The key is to find a balance, and to constantly be re-evaluating and checking in with God. I think your decision to spend most of your screen time visiting blogs of those you know and love in real life is a wise one (and how honored I am to be among them). Nancy, your comments have always given me a smile or encouraged me to think more deeply. It has been a joy to get to know you better through our comment correspondence!

      I read Deanna’s blog post and was extremely moved by her story and call to us, The Church, to recognize God’s call on our lives – – to open our ears to hear it and our eyes to see it – – even if it doesn’t fit within our comfort zone or within our plan for our lives (in fact, it probably won’t). I especially loved how she said that obedience shouldn’t be that radical – – it’s the kingdom. Wise, wise words. I know this is a post I’ll return to. I probably could stand to read it every day, I need those reminders so very much. Thank you for passing it along, Nancy!

    • says

      Thanks for your comment, Katie! You’re right on that it’s important to be true to you and not just lured in by a new opportunity. I’ve gotten requests from a few people who wanted to do guest posts and giveaways, and while I was flattered, the guest post requests were not from other diy bloggers, and the giveaways were for items that I wouldn’t personally use or share with my friends, so I had to say no. Sure, I felt a little bit bad, but I would have felt worse to push something on my readers that I couldn’t stand behind.

  6. says

    Great post! Gives a slightly different insight. And here I thought I was the only one struggling to find my way around blogging.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing these “pearls”. You’ve introduced me to a couple of blogs I haven’t read before too!

    • says

      Oh no, Denise. You are not alone in the struggle / growing pains of blogging. Hope you can find some insight and inspiration from these pearls as I did. And I know there are plenty more out there just waiting to be discovered. Happy blogging!

  7. says

    I agree with each of your points, Lauren. Those thoughts have been swimming around in my head the past couple of days and you put it all here so succinctly. I actually kinda whined to my husband about how I felt my blog didn’t really seem to be taking off and it took that conversation to remind me what blogging is really about. And for me, it’s authenticity. Forming authentic bloggy friendships, writing in my own voice and about things I really care about. K, back to awkward per-pubescint blogging typing one handed with my toddler sleeping in my other arm 😛 Thanks for your candidness!

    • says

      Thank you for sharing that story, Jennifer, and I think that’s great that you turned your frustration into an opportunity to reflect (that’s always the goal, right? Though it doesn’t always happen easily!). And I’m with you on blogging in order to form those “authentic bloggy friendships.” And that’s a totally different focus than growing your blog through traffic and visitors. It’s easy to get caught up in the numbers game, but I know that at the end of the day, I’d much rather have 5 followers who read my posts and engaged with me through comments and other means than 1,000 followers who never said a word.

      Ha ha, and I like your use of the term “pre-pubescent.” I think that described us to a T! I say, let’s embrace the awkwardness, whad’ya think?

      And I can just picture you with you babies on each arm; it’s a beautiful sight, actually! Thanks for being willing to endure one-handed typing to write me a sweet comment. I loved it.

  8. says

    Lauren, thanks so much for this post. I already follow Mandi at Vintage Revivals but am new to the other blogs you referenced and appreciate you introducing them to me. I’m just dipping my toes in to this blogging world and found this helpful and encouraging.

    • says

      Love how you put it, “dipping my toes.” Guess the English teacher in me always latches onto vivid imagery. 😉 So glad that you found this post helpful and encouraging, Lesley! That was my aim. I’ve been so helped and encouraged by other bloggers (including you!) that I’m eager to pay it forward and hopefully do the same.

  9. says

    Great Post Lauren! It really puts so much in perspective. Its amazing, I’ve only been a blogger since September and already I’ve learned so much about myself and my priorities with blogging.

    #3 & #5 really hit home with me. In the beginning, I would get all worked up about needing to “make a post” that I would come up with something just to get that pressure off my chest. -let me paint that..I can blog about it- -let me craft this- I can blog about it- That’s SO not me… and I wasn’t getting the followers either.

    Since I started just truly blogging about my current life and current projects..the followers have really kicked in. No one wanted to see a half-baked craft idea that I did just so I could blog about it, but people have enjoyed seeing all the hard work I put into my son’s recent birthday party coming off 10-days of not blogging. If the material is there, I share and blog about it, but I’m done making blog projects just so I can say I banged out “x” amounts of posts one week.

    • says

      I still can’t believe how many of us started blogging in September! (Seriously, I think we need to start a September 2012 club.)

      And you’re right on about the value of posting on what’s “current” whether it be in your life or projects in your home. That type of writing is the most engaging because it’s usually fueled by passion. It’s what we’re in the midst of! I’ve loved so many of your posts lately (I think you pulled me in with your bathroom debacle and how you were problem-solving – – that is so REAL life). And I think it’s great that you’ve resolved to only post when “the material is there” as you say, and that you learned that lesson sooner than later. (I have heard stories of blogger burnout because they felt this pressure to post every single day and did so for a year…only to realize they no longer enjoyed blogging and needed to step back to find new motivation to write at all).

      Looking forward to following along with your “current” adventures at Floridays Mom whether it’s daily or weekly or monthly, by George. It’ll be great!

    • says

      Reading your comment makes me want to break out into song with, “I’ve got a golden ticket!” from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. (This is because I am obsessed with all things musicals…and I just thought you’d like to know that you inspired a song in me. And I know you appreciate my weirdness.)

      • says

        Musicals are the BEST! I took my little sisters to see The Lion King the musical in Manchester last week as it has just started touring and they were mind blown! They let out the biggest scream when it started and they wouldn’t stop singing along for the whole thing! Have fun singing to yourself 😀 xXx

        • says

          I’m so glad you got to see that show; I took Mark to see that production in N.Y. back when we were dating, and we both were blown away like y’all were. The opening scene alone is worth the ticket price. And you’re right – – part of the fun is knowing the songs and singing along! What a fun date with your sisters!

  10. says

    I love how personal you are with you blog posts. I am definitely an infant in the blogging world and hope to grow, this was so helpful (as are most of your posts!). Thank you!

    • says

      Thank you for your sweet words, Dusty. After reading your “about page,” I just know we’d get along swimmingly in real life. Your blog is fantastic already in its infancy, so keep on keeping on, girl. I love how you write from the heart and include so many great photos, and aren’t afraid to speak the Truth! Holla’!

  11. says

    Hey, Lauren! I had meant to comment more and not just respond to someone else, but I ran off to work instead. And when I came back to post… I got distracted by all your wonderful links! Hahah! Thanks so much for sharing these with us. Now to go back to exploring all these wonderful ladies.

  12. says

    As a “baby” or better yet a newborn in the blog world I found this post extremely educational! :) Love when other bloggers share. It really helps! I started my blog almost a year ago and couldn’t put much time into it. Months went by without a post and I felt anxiety over it. I have only recently decided that it is and always will be a passion of mine to host my own blog so I will try my best to keep it going. Going with fun and well planned entries that is. Even if I only get to post once a week, It will be something fun, bright, and helpful!

    • says

      Loved reading your post on your favorite new blog reads – – you helped me discover some great new reads for myself! And I think that’s great that you’ve re-entered blogland with a renewed perspective on post frequency. I think we definitely need to cut ourselves some slack when it comes to posting and not compare ourselves to others (as hard as that is). And from the look of your blog, I think you’re doing a great job in the fun, bright, and helpful departments! Keep it up, Stephanie.

    • says

      Congrats on your “newborn” blog! You have so many great tips on sewing organization – – I especially love your fabric organization system. I might have to adopt that for my stash, which is ever-growing! Thanks for taking the time to drop a comment! Best regards on your blogging adventures, Sarah.

  13. says

    As a baby boomer, I can say that you are opening a whole new world to me, Lauren…this world of bloggers and blogging. I am impressed that you read so many blogs. I enjoy that you get so inspired and are having wonderful opportunities to be creative which you have always been but for this time in your life you are getting to really focus on it.

    I liked your pearls 4 and 5 best because they probably have the most implications for those of us who aren’t bloggers, though being consistent in life and following your passions goes beyond blogging, too! I had fun checking out some of those blogs you recommended and see God’s unique stamp on each of the women. My heart cries, “You make beautiful things… you make beautiful things out of us.”

    • says

      I’m so glad you quoted that song! They played that at church a few weeks ago, and I fell in love with it. Such a beautiful and poignant lyric (and melody)…and so applicable to the unique and creative women out there, yourself included!

      • says

        awww…yes, God makes beautiful things out of each of us. If we could accept that and embrace the beauty and creativity in others and in ourselves and how each one expresses it differently, the world would be even more amazing! Can’t wait to hear about your creative work at church and how it went today!!

  14. says

    I enjoyed reading your post which I found via the gingerbread blog. I have a main blog Carole’s Chatter which you might find interesting – but what may be more of interest is my small sub blog called Carole’s Chatter Blog Tips. Good luck with your blogging.

    • says

      I’m amazed at how much time I can spend visiting and reading other blogs…it can get out of control sometimes (hence, the need to set limits). Just came back from a visit to your sweet blog. Girl, you are a d.i.y. queen! That sectional re-do was something else!

  15. says

    hey , I just got a chance to sit and read this now- I agree with finding blogsperation (if that’s a word) by viewing lots of different blogs from lots of different categories- it just seems to open my mind to what is possible- I have a tenacity to just kind of know everything out there and there is so much talent and so many great blogs to view- its great to have practical advice on the thing we are all doing- trying to have good quality blogs that reflect who we are…it’s also neat to evolve and see how we change in the upcoming months/year! thanks bunch!

    • says

      Glad I’m not alone in my thirst to grow and learn from others! There’s something so thrilling about it, isn’t there?! And I can tell your blog is already growing and changing in the short time I’ve been following along. Way to go, Kelly.

  16. Lori says

    I am in the process of learning all I can about the world of blogging! My cousin has a wonderful little soapmaking business and she has asked me to join her. My mission will be helping her with social media, expanding her sales market, and a fresh breath of fresh ideas!! I am sooo excited. I have been watching your blog for about 2 months and am very happy with what I am learning. Keep up the great work and Thank You for taking the time to share all you do!!

    • says

      You’re so kind. I’m happy to share with others all that I’ve learned – – which is mostly what others have shared with ME. It’s a chain.

      And blogging is such a communal experience – – I think it’s wonderful that you’re collaborating with your cousin with her business and bringing in new dimensions and fresh ideas! What an exciting time for you both. There are some great resources out there, but never forget your best resource: your own instincts. I have to remind myself of that sometimes, too! Best of luck.

  17. says

    Those are definitely great highlights from great bloggers.. and I agree with all of them. I think you have to remember that blogging should be fun.. if you are constantly worrying about following the rules, it sucks the fun out of it!

    • says

      Indeed, Kim. And who establishes these “rules” anyway? Patterns and trends develop in blogging as they do anywhere, but it certainly doesn’t mean that you can’t swim against the flow, so to speak, or make a choice to go against the tips and recommendations of the big bloggers out there. I think that as bloggers, it’s most important to stay to true to ourselves than to try and fit the mold of a blogger that just isn’t us. That’s what I’m thinking these days….

  18. says

    Absolutely LOVE this post, and yes, I found you by clicking over from Free Pretty Things … loved your catchy thumbnail. Adding you to my list of bloglovin’ “must reads.”

    If you have the time, c’mon over to “this little light”: I’m running a fun giveaway this week!

    • says

      What a blessing it was to visit your site! You are such a gifted writer, Michelle. So, I can say that the feeling is so mutual – – I am adding you to my bloglovin’ reads like…yesterday! (And I entered your giveaway. This gal loves free stuff.)

  19. says

    Great tips. I also loved the Blog Puberty post! so funny, and we all need some tips along the way, and to know we’re normal!

  20. says

    I think I will be back to the Thinking Closet. First time reader and I landed on a great post. Great tips that have my wheels turning. Always a good thing. . . .

    • says

      Thanks, Kim! Your furniture re-dos are a great inspiration to me – – we’re working on re-doing our dining table as I type. (Well not actually, as I type…but you know what I mean.) Glad to know I got your wheels turning…I agree, that’s a good thing!

  21. says

    Nice little pearls of wisdom! I can be hard to navigate the do’s and don’ts of blogging – and sometimes consistency can be difficult! But it is always good to read other people’s tips and experiences to get a grip on what you are doing. Thanks!

    • says

      You’re right about the challenges of consistency. I know a lot of bloggers recommend having certain days of the week that you post, but I’m definitely not disciplined enough to be at that point yet…nor may I ever be. For now, just aiming for a consistency in the amount of times I post each week (while giving myself grace) is the personal goal I have set. Thanks for your comment! Very much enjoyed my visit to Crunchy Diva!

  22. says

    What a great round up of ideas – pearls of wisdom from these other bloggers. This is a really great post because it gives a different perspective on so many things. I especially like the advice from Madalynne…but plan on cozying up with some coffee and reading the rest of these in the am!

    • says

      Cozy away, Holly! I could probably stand to re-read these posts every single day…they were so inspirational to me when I first stumbled across them. Thanks for popping by to comment. I so enjoy your party each week.

  23. says

    Awesome pearls, Lauren! And, now I’ve got even more blogs to follow. Gee, thanks! 😉

    Just a month in for me and I love it. I aspire to create a blog that makes people laugh out loud {at my expense} and maybe learn a little in the process.

    Thanks again,



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