My First Guest Post!

Today is an exciting day because my first {ever} guest post goes live over at the blog, Blissful and Domestic.

Danielle was gracious enough to invite me to share my ideas for “going green” this holiday with her incredible audience.

10 Ways to Go Green with Christmas Cards via The Thinking Closet

The inspiration for this post stems from a new tradition that my husband and I started two years ago: we send our Christmas newsletter to family and friends via email instead of snail mail.  However, we hand-write it all first to keep that personal touch.  Then, through the magic of scanning and file compressing, our digital “handmade” letter arrives on the virtual doorsteps of our nearest and dearest.  It works out well, not only from a green standpoint, but a money-saving and time-saving one, too.  No more stamps, envelopes, or address labels to bother with.  That’s part of what I love so much about it.

I’ve also compiled a list of 9 other ways to go green with Christmas cards this year, so I hope you’ll take a moment to click over and check it out!

And be sure to linger a while, so you can explore all of the great ideas Danielle has to share on Blissful and Domestic like How Does She Do Christmas on a Budget and her round-up of 20 Advent Countdowns to Christmas.  They’re pintastic!

Blissful & Domestic Blog

Check it out!

Have a marvelous day, everyone.

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  1. Marmie says

    This is so impressive…perhaps you could also share it with a “green” organization, like or a family magazine, like Thriving Family. While I still like to send some photos that people can hold in their hands or put up on their fridges (probably it’s only family who do that), I am doing more on-line these days with your encouragement. Remember, I do recycle many of the beautiful cards we’ve received over the years to put on packages or use as note tags (removing any personal notes and words, just using the cover pictures, hole punching, and attaching with a ribbon). So proud of your first guest post!

  2. says

    Awesome blog post Lauren! I’ve dropped the ball on christmas cards this year, but will definitely star this one for future years!! So many good ideas, especially for poor grad students! I agree with Mom….you should submit it to a green mag!

    • says

      No worries; I don’t think we should feel obligated to write them. We didn’t send out a Christmas card during our first year of marriage, which I think is sort of a “sin” in the world of Christmas cards…but we just had a really busy year, and it wasn’t the first thing on our list of priorities. Oh well!

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