At a loss for new meaningful gift ideas?

Prepare to kickstart your creativity!

Let me guess.  You're probably thinking to yourself:

  • But I don't have enough money.
  • I don't have enough time.
  • I'm not creative enough.

What if I told you that sometimes, the most meaningful gifts are the simple ones?  Not necessarily gifts that cost the most or take a lot of time...

but gifts that come from the heart.

And by golly, you've got heart!

Now you just need a guide to help translate that heart of yours into affordable, do-able, meaningful gifts.

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Enter...Thinking Outside the Gift Box!

Your springboard for creative gift-giving straight from the heart.

In this 178-Page Book You Will Discover...

  • 21 Story-Filled Chapters

    The gift ideas in this book stem from stories in my own life of some of the greatest gifts I have received as well as favorite gifts I have given.  Gifts of experience, gifts of personalization, gifts of the written word.  But they all hold one thing in common.  They are gifts that send a message loud and clear that says,  “You are known and you are loved.”  

  • 75 Actionable Gift Ideas

    This is not just a book to read, but to do.  So, every gift idea is broken down by estimated cost (as low as $0) and time (as short as 5 mins.), kid-friendly factor, and a supply list.  That’s a total of 75 actionable ways to shower love upon all the people in your life: from your little niece to your co-worker to “the man who has everything.”  Gifts for all kinds!

  • FREE BONUS: Toolkit of 11 Printables

    Every copy of the book comes with a FREE BONUS of 11 beautifully designed printables that accompany the gift ideas: gift tags, mini-books, survival kits, bookmarks, surprise notes, and more.  There’s no need for you to reinvent the wheel!  I’ve done everything I can to make your gift-giving process both fun and easy.


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Jackie Hernandez

As a busy mom and entrepreneur, I feel like I’ve been a gift-giving failure lately. I needed new, simple, thoughtful ideas, and Lauren delivered! Thinking Outside the Gift Box is like training wheels for creative gift-giving, helping us all find our gift-giving balance between thoughtfulness, time required, and money spent. This will definitely be my go-to resource for gift ideas.

Jackie Hernandez School of Decorating
Meredith LeRoy Meredith LeRoy, Unoriginal Mom

Thinking Outside the Gift Box is so much more than than a simple book of crafty gift ideas. It’s an exercise in creativity through gift-giving. Lauren’s skillful writing draws you in with stories of personal experiences that have inspired her to create unique gifts of all kinds. Her questions will draw undiscovered creativity and inspiration out of your soul and truly cause you to think and create outside of the gift box!

Kirsten Thompson Kirsten Thompson, Sweet Tea & Saving Grace

Lauren's book has given me handmade gift ideas for years to come, gifts wrapped beautifully in ribbons of joy. She has done a phenomenal job of sharing various ways to personalize each gift idea for any recipient or gift-giving occasion. I've found myself anxiously anticipating the next opportunity to put together one of these awesome gifts!

Here's a sneak peek at that resource-rich Printables Toolkit!

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Meet the Author

Hiya, friends!  I'm Lauren, and I am a blogger, author, and lover of all things heart-made.

Since the inception of my blog The Thinking Closet in September 2012, I have shared over 75 gift-related tutorials and garnered over 9 million pageviews.  I'm on a mission to help you break down the walls that stand between you and your creativity.  So, you'll find that my writing places an emphasis on the process: on embracing imperfections, making messes, and laughing along the way. As Dan Eldon said, "The journey is the destination."

In my free time, I enjoy road trip adventures with my handsome hubby Mark, snuggling up with our cat Mangey, and Monday Night Dance Parties with my friends on Periscope.  I am a proud flip-flop wearing Floridian, residing in Orlando, with roots in New York where I grew up feasting on Sal's Pizzeria and falling in love with musical theatre.  When I'm not firing up the glue gun or wielding a paint brush, I can be found directing theatre...or sometimes wandering onto the stage myself.  

To read more about me than you ever wanted to know, you can visit my blog's "About" page.  Or watch me answer 31 questions in 3 minutes and 10 seconds flat.

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Everything you need to take meaningful gift-giving by storm!

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Barbara Deatherage

Finally, the disease has been diagnosed — Gifter’s Block — and the plan of treatment has been laid out thanks to Lauren and her book, Thinking Outside the Gift Box. If you also struggle with giving meaningful gifts that don’t break the bank, then this is the book for you. Not only does Lauren give us dozens of gift ideas, but she also challenges us to celebrate the people around us “in a way that is unique and specific to them.” After reading this book, you will look at gift-giving in a new way.

Barbara Deatherage Worth Doing Poorly
Krystal Butherus Krystal Butherus, Krystal's Kitsch

I am majorly impressed with Lauren's attention to detail and flawless gift-giving technique! Her gift ideas are unique and easy, and they are projects that anyone can do. I'm not the craftiest girl on the block, but this book has inspired me to focus on handmade gifts that are full of heart.

Katie Howard Katie Howard, Think Scrappy Thoughts

Perfect for both the novice and experienced gift-giver, the ideas in this book will prompt you to think, create, and most importantly, DO! Through constant encouragement and easy to follow steps, gift-giving transforms from overwhelming to inspiring. Make sure you have supplies ready. Lauren's enthusiasm for gifting is infectious!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • q-iconWhich package should I get?

    The Ultimate Book Package is the best by far because it is jam-packed with bonus resources and tools that will support your gift-giving for years to come.  However, if you’re on a tight budget, the book-and-printable combo in both the Paperback Package and PDF Package are 178 pages of meaty material that you can sink your teeth into!

  • q-iconWhen can I expect my paperback to ship?

    Paperbacks are in stock and ready to ship within 3 – 5 business days.  You will receive an email as soon as your package has shipped, along with a U.S.P.S. tracking number, so you can stalk your mail carrier until it arrives!

  • q-iconI live outside the U.S. How can I get the paperback?

    Thanks for your interest!  Actually, my book is available for order in online and local bookstores across the globe.  So, your best bet is to search online at your largest chain bookstores, including Amazon.  That way, you can place your order for pick-up or more affordable shipping.  So exciting!

  • q-iconHow do I buy multiple copies for gifts?

    Once you make a purchase, you will receive an email from yours truly with special instructions for how to purchase additional copies at a discounted gift rate.  This is my small way of saying thank you for your support! To gift any of the packages with digital downloads, just select the gift icon by the name field at check out and follow the prompts.

  • q-iconHow is this book different from your blog tutorials?

    This book isn’t a collection of craft tutorials, but rather it features stories from my own life about the meaningful gifts I have received and given.  Instead of simply telling you what to do, I want to ignite a fire within you to unlock your own creative potential.  You’ll receive a bevy of resources to help you in your journey like gift examples, photos, and printables.  But I like to think that this book is like a practice coach, cheering you on as you develop your own gift-giving confidence — helping you to see how very easy it is to give meaningful gifts when they come straight from the heart.

  • q-iconWhat if I discover this book isn't right for me? Do you offer refunds?

    I’ve worked hard to ensure this book reaches people of all kinds, in all walks of life.  And I’m confident that its value far exceeds the purchase price.  However, if this doesn’t get your creative juices flowin’ or you aren’t satisfied with your purchase for any reason, you can forward me your purchase receipt within 30 days for a full refund.  No problemo.

Giving Back

15% of all income generated from this book will go to supporting non-profit organizations doing meaningful work around the globe.  Thanks for partnering with me in this way!

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