Black Distressed Table Makeover

Black Distressed Table Makeover by The Thinking Closet

This would be an opportune time to grab a snack, a cozy blanket, and perhaps silence your cell phone.  Why?  Because it’s story time, folks.  Gather ’round for… Once upon a time, there was an old chair.  And there was a girl who sat in the old chair.  But because it was an old chair, an old folding chair, it was an uncomfortable chair.  It made her back hurt and ache. When the girl sat {read more…}

Wood Pallet Sign Tutorial

Wood Pallet Sign Tutorial via The Thinking Closet

It was like giving your Mom a baseball mitt for her birthday. For Mark’s b-day last week, one of his gifts was the opportunity for us to create a wood pallet sign together!  Mark is passionate about wood-working, so I figured he could tackle the wood pallet part, and I could do the lettering – – it would be a team effort! To start, we needed rustic wood.  So, we went to our local lumber {read more…}