Black Distressed Table Makeover

Black Distressed Table Makeover by The Thinking Closet

This would be an opportune time to grab a snack, a cozy blanket, and perhaps silence your cell phone.  Why?  Because it’s story time, folks.  Gather ’round for… Once upon a time, there was an old chair.  And there was a girl who sat in the old chair.  But because it was an old chair, an old folding chair, it was an uncomfortable chair.  It made her back hurt and ache. When the girl sat {read more…}

Romanced By Bookstores

Romanced by Bookstores | The Thinking Closet

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been romanced by bookstores…especially used bookstores.  They lure me in with their old, stale-book smells and promise of inscribed inside covers.  They win my heart with their cozy aisles and reading nooks.  And if I find a treasure – – oh, stop the presses – – if I find a treasure, I’m forever theirs. And I think I’ve discovered my new favorite bookstore in Orlando.  It’s called {read more…}