Animal Place-Card Holders at Or So She Says

Transforming Plastic Toy Animals into Gold Place-Card Holders | The Thinking Closet

If you would have told me a few weeks ago that I’d have a gold rhino at my breakfast table, I would have laughed you out of town. “Well, look who’s laughing now,” chuckles the gold rhino…at my breakfast table. So, remember those sketch pen place cards that I shared yesterday?  Well, they needed a fun way to be displayed, and somehow, my brain landed on the idea of taking plastic toy animals from the Dollar {read more…}

Punched Tin Ornament Tutorial

Punched Tin Ornament Tutorial by The Thinking Closet

In case you missed my guest post on Lines Across last Wednesday, here it is, friends. Happy ornamenting! I’m eager to share with you my new favorite d.i.y. project: a punched tin ornament.  What I love most about this ornament is that it can be made using items from your recycling bin and toolbox!  How sweet is that? “Where did the inspiration for this ‘lil guy come from?” I’m so glad you asked!  Well, it {read more…}

Glitter House Number Pumpkin: Fall-ify Florida Part II

DIY Glitter House Number Pumpkin via The Thinking Closet

First things first: To my friends and family in the north east, know that I’m praying hardcore for all impacted by Hurricane Sandy – – for peace and restoration, especially for Ocean Grove, N.J. *                    *                    *                    * With just one more day until Halloween, I thought I’d glam up our pumpkin with some metallic spray paint and a glitter house number.  This is the chilliest it has been in Florida since we moved this {read more…}

White Letters on White Canvas – D.I.Y. Artwork Tutorial

White words on white canvas - finished product. Inexpensive DIY artwork.

Floating around on Pinterest are some pretty cool canvases with white wood lettering by the U.K. design team Gorgeous Graffiti. The only hitch is that they’re selling for $300 – $500.  Egads!  Right? Actually, the same effect can be achieved quite inexpensively as some other bloggers verified like this one and this one, so that gave me the courage to create my own with the title phrase from one of my favorite hymns, “It is Well {read more…}

If you like it then you’d better put a label on it! – Tutorial

DIY Chalkboard Label Tutorial by The Thinking Closet

Since moving to our new place in Orlando, we’ve had to get a bit…creative when it comes to our kitchen.  It’s a rather small space and the pantry cabinets are tall and deep.  I knew right away we’d need to pick up some more cabinet shelves from Bed Bath & Beyond.  And then, when we were at Lowe’s, I picked up these cute dark turquoise woven baskets to attempt some semblance of organization.  All they {read more…}

Operation Spray Paint

What is it about cans of spray paint that make me feel like I’m breaking the law?  Like a cop is going to appear out of nowhere and ask me to lower the can, Miss, and place your hands above your head.  Now! It might be that we used spray paint in our covert preparations for our high school junior-senior day competitions.  Whether it was painting signs to declare our dominance or tear down our {read more…}