I Heart Labels: Sugar & Flour Jar Edition

I Heart Labels: Sugar & Flour Jar Edition | The Thinking Closet

I am one of those people for whom it is one of life’s big thrills to label things.  Yes, I’m a dork type A, an oldest sibling, a perfectionist…all of those personality traits that point straight to label-loving.  Yes, I totally own a label maker…you know, one of these: Although I’m not into labeling “tax forms” as this photo would suggest, when I taught English, I did label nearly every single thing in my classroom.  Scissors {read more…}

Book Page Banner & Free Cut File

Book Page Banner Tutorial & Free Cut File | The Thinking Closet

Happy, happy Friday, friends! As you may recall, one of the highlights of my sister’s surprise visit last month was a crafternoon shared together working on a banner to hang above her books in her bedroom.  It only seemed fitting to use book pages as our primary material and to incorporate a quote by one of our favorite authors, C.S. Lewis: “We read to know we are not alone.”  How true, Mr. Lewis.  How true. {read more…}

D.I.Y. Subway Art Canvas & Free Cut File

D.I.Y. Subway Art Canvas: Tutorial & Free Cut File | The Thinking Closet

Happy Monday, everyone.  So, for fun, I thought I’d review some of the crafting trends that I’ve tried my hand at: Chalkboard - check! Mason Jars - check! Gold Accents - check! Burlap - check! Maps - check! Subway Art – che–wait a minute.  {Gasp!}  We haven’t tried subway art yet.  What are we waiting for? Apparently, “we” were waiting for my friend Gianna’s birthday {cough–which was in February–cough, cough}.  #betterlatethannever As I dreamed and schemed a gift for my {read more…}

Gender Neutral Onesies & Free Cut Files

Gender Neutral Onesies & Free Cut Files | The Thinking Closet

Spring is a season for new life…and it seems like so many of my friends are having babies!  So, after having way too much fun with my rhinestone onesies, I thought I’d try my hand at some heat-transfer vinyl onesies.  Here are the three designs I came up with: All three designs happen to be gender neutral, which is grrrrreat for those couples who love a good surprise…or for those congratulatory gifts early on in {read more…}

Burlap Love Banner & Free Cut File

Burlap Love Banner & Free Cut File by The Thinking Closet

Since sharing my January Silhouette Challenge project, exciting things have been happening behind the scenes.  I created a Facebook group for Silhouette users looking to collaborate and encourage one another (wanna join us?  shoot me an email!).  And our group has grown to over 20 women in a matter of a few weeks.  Several of those lovely ladies are joining me in The Challenge this month!  How cool is that?  Look out for links to their projects at {read more…}