How to Get a Second Wind Out of Your Gel Manicure & Silhouette Winner!

How to Get a Second Wind out of your Gel Manicure by The Thinking Closet

Greetings, dear readers!  I hope your weekend was as grand as Texas. Well, before I dive into sharing a whole new category of D.I.Y. never before explored here at The Thinking Closet (cough…nail art!), we have a Silhouette winner to announce.  Thanks to each and everyone of you who entered this month’s giveaway.  With a trip out of town last week with very little internet access, I was unable to respond to all of your {read more…}

Sketch Pen Place-Cards, Silhouette Promotion & Giveaway!

Silhouette Portrait Giveaway ($229 value) at The Thinking Closet, July 1-7!

Howdy, folks!  It’s a brand new month, which means there’s a brand new Silhouette promotion comin’ your way via yours truly…plus, another Silhouette Portrait Giveaway! This month it’s all about the Designer Edition software.  Rumor has it that this is one of their most popular promotions, and there’s good reason why.  The Designer Edition software is “boss,” as my students would say.  (Yes, you can imagine me and my air-quotes to amp up the nerdiness {read more…}

A Non-Scrapbooker’s Guide to Creating a Wedding Scrapbook

A Non-Scrapbooker's Guide to Creating a Wedding Scrapbook | The Thinking Closet

There’s a reason that the last time I scrapbooked was 13 years ago: scrapbooks take a lot of time. But when Laura contacted me about creating a wedding scrapbook as a first anniversary gift for her daughter Justine and son-in-law Andrew, how could I refuse?  Justine happens to be one of my best friends.  She’s the reason I not only survived high school, but actually loved it.  She was the Laverne to my Shirley.  The Ethel to {read more…}

Toddler Train T-Shirt & Silhouette Giveaway Winner

Toddler Train T-Shirt: Tips for Layering with HTV | The Thinking Closet

I have a brand new heat-transfer vinyl creation I am just itching to share with you lovelies, but before I do, the first order of business is to announce the winner of the Silhouette Portrait Giveaway!  We had a record-number of entries this time around (935!), so a hearty thanks to everyone who participated.  Y’all rock! Also, I really enjoyed hearing about all of the HTV colors you guys are excited about.  By far, the {read more…}

T-Shirt for the Pun-Loving Dad, Silhouette Promotion & Giveaway!

T-Shirt for the Pun-Loving Dad | The Thinking Closet

Do you ever just feel like being shocking and unpredictable? Backstory: The other day I panicked and thought, “Father’s Day!  Did I miss it?”  (This is a regular occurrence–this panic over important dates–and usually, it’s legitimate.)  However, the Google told me I still have 12 more days until Father’s Day.  Did you hear that?  12.  more.  days. After the reality of this fact actually settled in, I tented my fingertips and said in my very best {read more…}

Book Page Banner & Free Cut File

Book Page Banner Tutorial & Free Cut File | The Thinking Closet

Happy, happy Friday, friends! As you may recall, one of the highlights of my sister’s surprise visit last month was a crafternoon shared together working on a banner to hang above her books in her bedroom.  It only seemed fitting to use book pages as our primary material and to incorporate a quote by one of our favorite authors, C.S. Lewis: “We read to know we are not alone.”  How true, Mr. Lewis.  How true. {read more…}

Anniversary Gift & Frosted Vinyl Round-Up

Embellished Shadow Box: Last Minute Valentine's Day Gift Idea

I had the opportunity to try my hand at a project using Silhouette’s frosted vinyl, which allows you to create the impression of etched glass on mirrors and glass, but without the scary chemicals or the permanence; if you don’t like it, you can just remove it!  That’s my kinda project. On the roll, the frosted vinyl almost looks silvery… …but you’ll see when you peel the vinyl from the backing that it’s transparent with {read more…}

Sister Summer Camp & A Book Page Banner

Sister Summer Camp | The Thinking Closet

So often, summer passes us by like a hazy dream, but the summer of 2008, my sister and I were determined not to let it.  We decided that if we could be intentional with our enjoyment both of summer and each other, we could savor our time more fully.  Thus, Sister Summer Camp was born. Here’s how it worked: about once every few weeks, one of us would “lead” sister summer camp and plan out an afternoon {read more…}

Burlap Love Banner & Free Cut File

Burlap Love Banner & Free Cut File by The Thinking Closet

Since sharing my January Silhouette Challenge project, exciting things have been happening behind the scenes.  I created a Facebook group for Silhouette users looking to collaborate and encourage one another (wanna join us?  shoot me an email!).  And our group has grown to over 20 women in a matter of a few weeks.  Several of those lovely ladies are joining me in The Challenge this month!  How cool is that?  Look out for links to their projects at {read more…}

“A Thousand Thanks” Card & Free Cut File

Letter-Sized Thank You Cards - Silhouette Tutorial & FREE Cut File by The Thinking Closet

Here’s my first completed project in my new series, The Silhouette Challenge: a thank you card a la William Shakespeare.  What I love about the shape of this stationery is that it’s designed to fit easily into a legal-sized envelope, which is unexpected for a thank you card.  It also suits people like me who tend to be a bit (ahem) verbose. My initial inspiration came from these letter-sized thank you cards by Kolette Hall that I {read more…}

The Silhouette Challenge: A New Series

The Silhouette Challenge: A New Series on The Thinking Closet

My husband Mark is pretty much one of the best gift-givers on the planet, but this year, he really outdid himself.  I think my jaw dropped to the floor when I ripped open the wrapping paper to reveal this beauty: My very own *Silhouette Cameo! In case you’re wondering, a *Silhouette is an electronic cutting tool that connects to your computer, allowing you to cut fonts and images on a variety of materials from paper {read more…}