Sewing 101: Darts & Marking

Tracing Paper - Sewing 101 - via The Thinking Closet

I’m back to Raechel Myers’s Sewing 101 course online.  This time, we’re practicing darts & marking.  And apparently, darts aren’t just things you throw at a target.  And marking…well, let’s have a quick heart to heart about marking. So, I sort of lol’d at myself because when Raechel said we needed tracing paper for this project, I went out and bought what I thought was tracing paper – – the clearish thin paper of my {read more…}

Sewing 101: Seams of All Kinds

Sewing Practice. Inside curve, notching, outside curve, clipping.

That moment they mention French seams on Project Runway and not only do you know what they’re talking about, but you just did one….  Ah, the sweetness.  It made the beginner sewer in me sit a little taller at my machine yesterday. So, I’m making progress in Raechel Myers’ Sewing 101 course: seams of all kinds.  I’m using white muslin and black thread for the most part through these exercises for contrast purposes (so if my edges {read more…}

Sewing 101: First Stitches

Straight stitch examples from Sewing 101

Yesterday, my Brother sewing machine and I shared a lot of bonding time.  I carefully unwrapped him from his box, gave him the ‘ole once over (about twelve times over), and even put him to work! I’m working my way through a free online Sewing 101 course by the amazing Raechel Myers from Finding my Feet, a punny blog that covers everything from design to family life to sewing tutorials.  In her course, Raechel shares with {read more…}