Practical Gift Ideas for Moving & Housewarming

Merry Moving Kit & Other Practical Ideas for Moving or Housewarming Gifts | The Thinking Closet

Here’s reason #459 why my M.I.L.  is awesome: Last summer, the night before we moved into our new home in Orlando, she gave us one of the most precious gifts a Floridian could ask for.  A gift some deem more precious than gold…. That’s right: RAID!  She is a Floridian herself and knows how very pesky critters down here in tropical climes can be (even in the cleanest of households).  Roaches or “palmetto bugs” are resilient little big {read more…}

The Menu Planner to Rule Them All

The Menu Planner to Rule Them All via The Thinking Closet

Since moving to Florida this summer, Mark and I have taken the initiative to create a bit more structure in our lives…from the food inside our cabinets, to our exercising, and now…to our meals! Menu planning is one thing we both agreed would not only make our lives easier, but so much healthier. We’ve never done it before (chalking it up to busyness), but we’ve gotten into that chips-and-queso-for-dinner scenario one too many times of {read more…}