Animal Place-Card Holders at Or So She Says

Transforming Plastic Toy Animals into Gold Place-Card Holders | The Thinking Closet

If you would have told me a few weeks ago that I’d have a gold rhino at my breakfast table, I would have laughed you out of town. “Well, look who’s laughing now,” chuckles the gold rhino…at my breakfast table. So, remember those sketch pen place cards that I shared yesterday?  Well, they needed a fun way to be displayed, and somehow, my brain landed on the idea of taking plastic toy animals from the Dollar {read more…}

Fabric Spring Wreath Tutorial

Spring Wreath Tutorial by The Thinking Closet

Now that it’s officially spring, here’s the full tutorial for my fabric spring wreath. You may have seen this earlier in the month on Or So She Says. This is my eighth month living in Florida, and I’m starting to notice that we don’t experience much of a change of seasons here.  Well, I guess you could say there are two seasons: stinkin’ hot and less stinkin’ hot.  But I figured that wreaths could be {read more…}

Craft Drawer Organization for the Budget Savvy

Craft Drawer Organization for the Budget Savvy by Lauren from The Thinking Closet

Hi friends!  If you missed my post on Or So She Says last month where I shared my major organization overhaul for my craft drawers, here’s the whole shebang. Let’s start with an “after” picture: They’ve undergone quite the change.  For way too long, my craft storage drawers were in a sad state of disorganization and in desperate need of some purging and a bit of structure.  They were becoming more like junk drawers than craft drawers, and {read more…}

Rhinestone Onesie Tutorial: Part 2

Rhinestone Onesie Tutorial - Everyone loves a blinged out baby. Am I right? Or am I right? | The Thinking Closet

Good mornin’, lovelies! Last week, I shared a tutorial for how to create a custom rhinestone name design using the Silhouette Studio Designer Edition software.  As promised, I’m back today to show you my completed onesie along with a tutorial for how to use the Rhinestone Template Kit to apply the rhinestones.  But don’t worry, I won’t make you wait until the end to see a photo of the blinged-out onesie.  Here she is in {read more…}

How to Revamp Your “About” Page

How to Revamp Your About Page - Practical Blogging Tips from The Thinking Closet

Fact.  My “About” page hadn’t been edited since I first started blogging in September 2012. Fact.  My “About” page was written in the third person, like an author bio on the inside back cover of a book.  All of my posts are written in the first person.  The disparity was killing me. Fact.  My “About” page said very little about me and my blog at all.  How much can be said in one paragraph of six sentences? {read more…}

Burlap Love Banner & Free Cut File

Burlap Love Banner & Free Cut File by The Thinking Closet

Since sharing my January Silhouette Challenge project, exciting things have been happening behind the scenes.  I created a Facebook group for Silhouette users looking to collaborate and encourage one another (wanna join us?  shoot me an email!).  And our group has grown to over 20 women in a matter of a few weeks.  Several of those lovely ladies are joining me in The Challenge this month!  How cool is that?  Look out for links to their projects at {read more…}