Layered Fabric Flower Embellishment

Layered Fabric Flower Embellishment | The Thinking Closet

Happy Memorial Day!  I hope this weekend finds you in good health and with loved ones.  For Mark and me, we’ve found ourselves sniffling and coughing and with wild ones.  Wild animals that is…. First there was Mr. Turtle who we caught trying to take up residence in our garage.  Not so fast slow little guy; back to the lake where you belong! Then, there was Mr. Snake who slithered across our path while taking {read more…}

Burp Cloth Tutorial for the Beginner Sewist

Burp Cloth Tutorial for the Beginner Sewist by The Thinking Closet

With my friends having babies left and right, you didn’t think I would stop at the rhinestone and heat-transfer vinyl onesies, now, did you? No siree, Bob!  Time to bust out the sewing machine for some super cute, super easy burp cloths: I have to credit my M.I.L. for inspiring me with this one (and she credits her friend, Robyn!).  Last year, she made some burp cloths for expectant mothers, including my two sisters-in-law, so, {read more…}

Fabric Spring Wreath Tutorial

Fabric Spring Wreath Tutorial | The Thinking Closet

After all of these heady posts on blog migration, I’m guessing some of you might be chanting, “We want crafts!  Show us the crafts!”  Well, today, I can answer that cry as I’m sharing my Fabric Spring Wreath Tutorial over at Or So She Says.  It’s a great project for stash-busting, I can attest, and the little flowers could easily be made into hair accessories or gift wrap embellishments.  I’d love for you stop by and check it {read more…}

Craft Mash-Up: DIY Clothing Labels with Personalized Font

DIY Clothing Labels with Personalized Font via The Thinking Closet

Although I don’t keep up with Glee anymore, I always loved the “mash-ups” of two different songs like “Halo” & “Walking On Sunshine.” So, in that vain, this is a craft mash-up – – two different DIY projects mashed up into one to create something divine: clothing labels with a personalized font in your own handwriting. Pretty cool, huh? The back-story: I knew I wanted to add a little personalization to my sister’s denim skirt {read more…}

Bird Pincushion & Needle-Keep a.k.a. “Just Leave It”

Quilt by Robin - via The Thinking Closet

This past Wednesday, my M.I.L. and I got together for a sewing party.  She had a project she had been saving up to work on that was recommended by her dear friend, Robin, who is amazing quilter and sewist.  [Aside: Robin made Mark and I a beautiful quilt for our wedding that combines so many unusual fabrics.  For color ideas, she looked at our registry, and used her genius to create this beauty: Anyway, Robin {read more…}

Pre-Washing Fabric: An Experiment

Chevron & Owl Fabric from Hobby Lobby; preparing for pre-wash.

Do you ever just hop online to run a “quick” internet search, planning on investing 30 seconds max, when suddenly you find yourself tumbling down a rabbit hole of endless information…for an hour!? Such was my experience when google-searching “pre-washing fabric.”  There are A LOT of opinions out there on what you should and shouldn’t do when it comes to pre-washing. Truthfully, it’s a bit overwhelming. Then, I happed upon a helpful post from Ashley at {read more…}