5 Pearls of Wisdom from 5 Different Bloggers

5 Pearls of Wisdom from 5 Different Bloggers - Shared By The Thinking Closet

I love reading other blogs.  I just gain so much inspiration and insight from the words of my fellow bloggers.  Here’s my routine at the end of the day: I hop onto bloglovin’ and scroll through the list of new posts from the 75 blogs I follow (yes, 75). I click over to the articles that catch my eye.  Sometimes it’s the title, sometimes it’s the photo, and other times, it’s the first few sentences that pull me {read more…}

The hills are alive with the sound of blogging….

Navigating The Uncharted Waters of Blogger Puberty by The Thinking Closet

Blogging is an interesting bird. It’s one of those things that I’ll admit I had no real concept of before taking a leap to start this blog in September last year.  Sure, I knew that all of those purdy pictures on Pinterest had to come from somewhere, but I didn’t really know all of the time, effort, and heart that one pours into blogging if you really commit to it.  It’s an investment. And I {read more…}

Blogging Highlights of Year 2012

Blogging Highlights of Year 2012 by The Thinking Closet

As we near the “gate of the year,” I’ve been reflecting on all that happened in my first four months of blogging – – and it has been WAY more than I ever dreamed or imagined. Here are some of my blogging highlights from The Thinking Closet’s inception in September 2012 through now: I have followers! This still boggles my mind, but there are people, all over the world, over 500 of them in fact, {read more…}