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Below, you’ll find a collection of the happenin’ parties where I like to link up!

What are link parties?  Link parties are an opportunity for you to share your work on other websites, as well as find new inspiration as you discover other bloggers who link up!  When you visit a site on the day of their weekly link party, you’ll see a button inviting you to “link up” – - and you’ll share your post url, a title for the post, and crop a photo from the post, which will create a hyperlinked thumbnail that others can click on.  When you visit a site that is hosting a link party that day, it’s important to read the “rules” of that host as some require you to follow their blog, post their button on your site, commenting on the two links before you, etc.  I have discovered some great blogs through link parties, so I definitely recommend visiting other bloggers and showing them some comment love.  It is a party, after all!  Also, many hosts will feature their favorite posts at the following week’s link party, so be sure to check back.  For more detailed info on how to link up, Funky Junk Interiors has a great post here.  I also shared a bit more about my love of linking up in my 10 Tips for New Bloggers post.  Happy linking!


Monday Funday
Sumo's Sweet Stuff
I Should be Mopping the Floor
Huckleberry Love
Give me the goods monday
Sand & Sisal
Before & After Party


Tip Junkie Handmade Projects
Sugar Bee Crafts
Photog Show and Tell

Third Tuesday of the Month


Ginger Snap Crafts
We Like to Learn as We Go
DIY Dreamer
Two Girls and a Party


52 Mantles
Thrifty Thursday
The CSI Project

Related to a weekly challenge.


The Shabby Nest
Link Party Palooza
Tidy Mom
Thirty Handmade Days
Shabby Art Boutique

Shabby & vintage-related

Life Inspired

Last Friday of the Month


It's Overflowing
Little Inspiration
Funky Junk Interiors



Sew Many Ways Button
Under the Table & Dreaming
Bewitch Me & Titi
Dream a Little Bigger
Organize It!
get your diy on
Make It & Love It
Oh So Shabby
Sunday Soiree

Lovely comments so far...

  1. Oh, my goodness! I never knew there were so many and that is just the crafty ones! I participate in a few that are food related. I got here through your advice post for new bloggers which a fellow food blogger shared on Google+ It was so spot on that I had to share again. Wishing you well deserved success!


    • And believe me, there are even more craft linky parties out there than what I’ve listed…it’s wild! And I didn’t know someone else had shared my post on Google+ – - so cool. Thanks for the re-share. I gleaned so much inspiration while visiting your beautiful blog, especially in the writing arena. Will definitely be back!

      • Thank you for your kind words. I’ve only been doing this since June 2011 so I am a relative newby too. My husband asked me once what my favorite part of creating the blog posts is. My response was that I love the cooking, because that is fun for me, but the writing is what makes it all worthwhile. Sharing the recipe is important, and sometimes it is all about the recipe, but sharing the story is what motivates me. It’s also why I read other blogs, regardless of their focus.

        • Stacy, I so appreciate your comments. You hit the nail on the head with the word “story.” As a theatre teacher, so much of my work is centered around story – - affirming the stories of my students and helping them find the points where their stories intersect with their character’s story…I go could on and on about that. (I think you’ve inspired a blog post for me!)

  2. English – sorry errors. I am Brazilian. I love your blog and your tips.

  3. I’m really interested in these parties. How do you get involved? What do you need to do?

  4. Lauren, thanks for adding my new and updated button for my party! I appreciate your continual support, my friend!

  5. Lauren, I have two questions about Linky Parties that I’m hoping you can answer. First, I’ve never seen someone mention this in their rules – should you generally stick to one entry per party per week from your blog, or can you enter like 2-3 things? Also, should the post be from the past week or so on your blog, or can it be from whenever? I know there aren’t hard and fast “rules,” necessarily, but what would you say is the norm? Thanks!

    • Katie! These are great questions, and I’ll give you my two cents, although as you said, there aren’t hard and fast rules, and no linky party police that are going to come knocking on your door…at least, not to my knowledge (wink). But I’ll share from own experience: I tend to link up projects from the last week (to keep things fresh), usually 1-2. The exception might be if the party host specifically says ONE project or your BEST project. Sometimes if there is a specific theme listed for the party, then I pull from my archives to match that theme. So, if it’s a “Wreath Link Up,” then I’ll link up a wreath project from a few months ago. I would think that if you have not yet linked up a particular project to that party, though, it’s okay to link up an older one, but most expect you not to link the same project twice. I also personally try to visit one project for every one I link up (so if I link up two, visit two at the party). But that’s just me, and some hosts have specific requests (i.e. visit the 2 link ups before yours). Have fun, Katie!

  6. Lauren – this is AWFUL for my ADD, lol. But I do love it :)

    • thethinkingcloset says:

      Ha ha. Link parties are a heap of fun…but yes, they take a lot of time and focus! (Which I don’t always have either.)

  7. Thank you so much Lauren for adding our party link. You are awesome!

  8. Thanks so much for going through the work of creating this very valuable post. I have enjoyed exploring many of these blogs that are new to me and even linking up to several related to my blog niche. I know this was a ton of work for you but it has been a huge help to me!

  9. I’ve only just discovered link parties this week. What a great way to find new blogs and get out and mingle. Thanks for this list, can’t wait to check out some of them!

    • thethinkingcloset says:

      It’s definitely one of the #1 ways I grew my blog reach and made connections with other bloggers! Have fun mixing and mingling, Robyn.

  10. This is an awesome list of parties! I didn’t realize there were so many crafty ones :) Thanks for sharing! Kim

    • thethinkingcloset says:

      Oh yes! This is only the tip of the iceberg, too, Kimberly! Once you dive in, you’ll discover so many more. Have fun!

  11. Link parties. What a great idea. I guess I’m so new to blogging that I never have heard of this before. I have been looking at your blog and you have done amazing! I looked back when you first started and you already had blogging tips. That’s amazing! It’s almost been a month for me. I will keep this in mind. I’m still researching and just now finding out about meta tags, labels, and descriptions. Lol! Keep up the great work!

    • thethinkingcloset says:

      I am a teacher by trade, so I guess I am always thinking of tips…even when it’s probably too early to be giving tips! Lol. But welcome to blogland, Amanda! It’s a marvelous place. And by the by, you are WAY ahead of where I was at 1 month if you’re already diving into meta tags, labels, and descriptions. Way to go! I just recommend titling your photos with descriptions that relate to your posts (so they show up in Google image searches more) and writing in your ALT tags what you would want a caption on Pinterest to say. That’s my two cents!

  12. In your experience, what is the best way to find linkups hosted by bloggers with similar interests to your own? The broad Google search?

    • Hmmm…that’s a good question, V. You can try good old Google. Maybe “lifestyle blog” and “link party” in a search. But you know, I think most of these linky parties I discovered by exploring other bloggers’ linky lists (who are in my same niche). So, keep an eye out on some of the posts you read and when they hyperlink to a link list, check it out. Hopefully you can tap upon a gold mine of link parties that suit your interests!

  13. I’m looking to start a weekly link party. How do I share my link party button?

  14. Thank you for this! I had no idea what a “link party” was until I read this post and it has given me the courage to PAR-TAY!


  15. Thanks for all your advice! I’m starting a new link up party for money saving tips tomorrow. Please join if you have any good money saving posts. Thanks again!

  16. Wow, I have never even heard of a link party before, but I am IN.. TO.. THIS! Thank you so much for sharing. I probably wont link up tonight, as I have no idea what I’m doing… but I will be a pro soon! Thank you!

  17. Interesting.i didn’t know much about link ups.How do you find websites which invite linkups? Do you know any.Great post once again

    • All of the blogs on this page host link parties (you can click them to be taken to them). I found mine just through Google searches (for instance “craft, DIY, link party”) as well as simply by checking out other bloggers’ link party pages. Those are goldmines! Best of luck, Nupur.


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