Remember That Time I Wrote My Entire Haven Recap in Haiku?

My Haven Conference Recap {entirely written in haiku}...because why not? Let me entertain you, as I share about my "sophomore summer" at Haven in Hotlanta!

I love poetry– how it gives freedom in form. So, here’s my wild plan: I’ll write in haiku {syllables five – seven – five, rarely any rhymes} to recap my trip to Haven Blog Conference three short weeks ago. ‘Twill be a challenge, no doubt. I’m a wordy gal; be sure to keep count! Flashback This story begins in August 20-13. ‘Twas my first Haven. I was like a pig wallering around in mud, soaking it all {read more…}

One Change I Made That Is Bringing Me More Balance

One Change I Made That Is Bringing Me More Balance

I think it’s easy for bloggers to come across as leading picture perfect lives, when that is so far from the truth.  In fact, the past 7 months have been more trying for me than I like to admit…even to myself. But today, I want to talk about it–about my struggle to achieve more balance in my life–and the small triumph I’ve experienced recently.  My hope is that my story might be an encouragement to you, dear reader. It {read more…}

Five Minute Friday: Grateful

Truth by Maya Angelou

I tried something I’ve never tried before, and I posted a one-question survey on Facebook asking for your vote on what post to share this Friday.  And you surprised me with your results. Freewriting!  By George, you wanted freewriting!  So, freewriting you shall get, my dears. Five Minute Friday It has actually been nearly a year since my last Five Minute Friday post, and I was eager to bring it back today.  For those of {read more…}

Wreck This Journal: A Perfectionist’s Nightmare

Wreck This Journal: A Perfectionist's Nightmare by

Yesterday, I put on my lime green rainboots, ran around in the muddy backyard, and then stomped on an open book.  All in the name of creative recklessness. You see, two Christmases ago, my sister gave me a book by Keri Smith called *Wreck This Journal.  It’s full of creative prompts, many of which invite you to pretty much destroy the book.  Here are a just a few of them: “Sew this page.” “Find a {read more…}

10 MORE Tips for Bloggers…One Year Later

Ten MORE Tips for Bloggers

A year ago today, I hit “publish” on my post, 10 Tips for New Bloggers…From a New Blogger. In some ways, it felt strange to be offering up tips on blogging when I had only been in the game for two months.  That’s why I needed to make things clear in my title.  (“I’m still new at this, people!”) But in other ways, it felt right. For one, I’m the sort of person who processes things {read more…}

Highlights from Florida Blogger Conference 2013

Photo Booth Fun!

Saturday morning, I tossed my business cards in my purse, grabbed my laptop and iced coffee, and headed northeast to Full Sail University for the third annual Florida Blogger & Social Media Conference (FL Blog Con).  Thinking back to how I felt prior to my first ever blog conference this August, Haven, I felt strangely calm, cool, and collected this time around.  Although the conferences were less than two months apart, I like to think {read more…}

5 Tips for Overcoming Blogger’s Block

5 Tips for Overcoming Blogger's Block by The Thinking Closet

Hi, friends!  This post is coming at you live from Hot-lanta, Georgia where I am attending Haven, my first ever blog conference! Wow, wow, wow.  I already have so much to tell you, and so far, we’ve only had registration, a cocktail party, and dinner…but it is truly incredible to connect with so many fantastic d.i.y. bloggers in one place.  In fact, it’s kind of surreal meeting people whose face you know so well from {read more…}

Rhythm: Poetry in Our Hearts

Miles to Go Before I Sleep | The brilliant iambic tetrameter of Robert Frost

Some of you may recall that back in May, I participated in “Five Minute Friday,” a group writing exercise hosted by Lisa-Jo Baker.  I found it to be such a valuable exercise for me as a writer to explore the art of conciseness and recognize that I don’t need to belabor over a text for hours upon end in order for it be blog-worthy.  Sometimes five minutes in more than enough time to say something of {read more…}

Five Minute Friday: Brave

Have No Fear of Perfection

Would you believe that I wrote my blog content for today in five-minutes?  I almost don’t believe it myself.  I am slower than a tortoise when it comes to writing.  I write and re-write and re-write some more.  Forget about it when it comes to a tutorial with photos of each step that need editing and watermarking.  And to thicken the plot, I have this problem where I can’t do anything halfway…so I tend to {read more…}

How to Revamp Your “About” Page

How to Revamp Your About Page - Practical Blogging Tips from The Thinking Closet

Fact.  My “About” page hadn’t been edited since I first started blogging in September 2012. Fact.  My “About” page was written in the third person, like an author bio on the inside back cover of a book.  All of my posts are written in the first person.  The disparity was killing me. Fact.  My “About” page said very little about me and my blog at all.  How much can be said in one paragraph of six sentences? {read more…}

The Art of the Surprise Note


For those of you lovelies who may have missed my guest post last week: When Jessica and Linz generously invited me to share something on their blog Sweet Athena on the theme of celebrations, I got to thinking not just about the grand fanfare celebrations, but the little ways one feels celebrated in a day.  You know what I mean? Like that hug that you get out of nowhere from a friend.  Or that tilt of the hat {read more…}

The Art of the Surprise Note: Guest Posting at Sweet Athena

The Art of the Surprise Note by The Thinking Closet

Guest posts are kind of like playdates, aren’t they?  You get to go over the house of your fun new friend for an afternoon, share your stories, meet their family and friends, and return home a renewed gal…(and probably wanting a new toy). Well, today I get to have a “playdate” over at Jessica and Linz’s blog, Sweet Athena.  If you don’t know Sweet Athena, you should.  Part of what I love about that blog {read more…}

5 Pearls of Wisdom from 5 Different Bloggers

5 Pearls of Wisdom from 5 Different Bloggers - Shared By The Thinking Closet

I love reading other blogs.  I just gain so much inspiration and insight from the words of my fellow bloggers.  Here’s my routine at the end of the day: I hop onto bloglovin’ and scroll through the list of new posts from the 75 blogs I follow (yes, 75). I click over to the articles that catch my eye.  Sometimes it’s the title, sometimes it’s the photo, and other times, it’s the first few sentences that pull me {read more…}

The hills are alive with the sound of blogging….

Navigating The Uncharted Waters of Blogger Puberty by The Thinking Closet

Blogging is an interesting bird. It’s one of those things that I’ll admit I had no real concept of before taking a leap to start this blog in September last year.  Sure, I knew that all of those purdy pictures on Pinterest had to come from somewhere, but I didn’t really know all of the time, effort, and heart that one pours into blogging if you really commit to it.  It’s an investment. And I {read more…}

Blogging Dreams & Goals for 2013

Blogging Dreams & Goals for 2012 by The Thinking Closet

We’ll make new traditions in place of the old ‘Cause life without revision will silence our souls. -”Snow” by Sleeping at Last Tomorrow marks the start of a new year.  A fresh start.  An uncharted path in the woods.  My lantern is at the ready. After reflecting on my blogging highlights from these first four months, it’s time to look forward.  I have so many dreams and goals for The Thinking Closet – – in {read more…}

Blogging Highlights of Year 2012

Blogging Highlights of Year 2012 by The Thinking Closet

As we near the “gate of the year,” I’ve been reflecting on all that happened in my first four months of blogging – – and it has been WAY more than I ever dreamed or imagined. Here are some of my blogging highlights from The Thinking Closet’s inception in September 2012 through now: I have followers! This still boggles my mind, but there are people, all over the world, over 500 of them in fact, {read more…}

10 Tips for New Bloggers…From a New Blogger

Ten Tips for New Bloggers...From a New Blogger via The Thinking Closet

It was two months ago today when I clicked that glowing button on the WordPress homepage inviting me to “sign up now.”  After much deliberation, I gave my blog a name, wrote my first post, and bolted full-speed ahead into blogland. Wow.  To think that just two months ago, blogger jargon like “link parties,”  “trackbacks,” and “grabbing a button” might as well have been Greek to me…. I have learned a lot in these first {read more…}

Lil Journal Project – What Inspires Me

Lil Journal Project: Inspiration via The Thinking Closet

Here’s a glimpse at three of my journal entries from this week’s installment of The Lil Journal Project.  Day 29 called us to dedicate an entire page to a quote; I spilled over onto two.  Inspiration usually comes during work rather than before it. -Madeleine L’Engle I first read this quote in college while poring the book, Madeleine L’Engle Herself: Reflections on a Writing Life (a must-read for all writers and creatives out there).  L’Engle’s {read more…}

Lil Journal Project: Word Associations

Lil Journal Project: Word Associations - via The Thinking Closet

So, I know it has been a few weeks since I’ve posted on Ashley Hackshaw’s Lil Journal Project.  I admit that I fell off the wagon during week 4 (too many other fun projects calling my name).  And Ashley took off week 5 to focus on a few things she was working on. However, the word association prompts Ashley came up with for this week were too fun to pass up!  So, we’re back. I {read more…}

Lil Journal Project – Week 3

Captiva Island, Fort Myers, Florida - Lauren & Pop Pop

This past week, Mark and I ventured south to Fort Myers to visit my grandparents, a.k.a. Mor Mor and Pop Pop, and their precious kitty, Ana.  Our time together was so wonderful.  In the past, our visits have been overshadowed by this sense of urgency to savor every moment since it might be another year until we’d see them; however, this time, we had the sweet relief of knowing we’re within driving distance of them! {read more…}

Lil Journal Project: Week 2

Map of my childhood neighborhood; four blocks that made up my world.

Week 2 in the Lil Journal Project was a walk down memory lane.  Here are my first three entries to share for inspiration and with my link-up friends at Lil Blue Boo. Day 6 started off with creating a map of my childhood neighborhood.  (This was the home where I grew up until age seven – – the home of the original thinking closet.)  I used my memory for the layout, googlemaps for the surrounding {read more…}

Lil Journal Project: Week 1

This resolves any suspicion that I might be ambidextrous.

So, I mentioned in a previous post that I was tackling another project to re-teach my hand how to journal.  Here it is, the “Lil Journal Project,” which comes from Ashley Hackshaw, one of my favorite bloggers.  She is a DIY queen with an inspiring story of courage and choosing joy.  Oh, and she happens to be an incredible writer.  I stayed up until 3 a.m. the night I discovered her, just reading post after {read more…}

Nifty Item #2: A Thought a Day

Five-years in one year?  How can it be?!

To journal or not to journal?  That was never a question for me in my last three years as a high school English and theatre teacher.  I was so busy grading papers and lesson planning that I just didn’t have the time to journal, and when I did, I felt too exhausted and drained to “process” my life on the page.  It was truly the last thing I wanted to do. But, oh the guilt! {read more…}