Berrylicious Heart-Shaped Ice Cubes

Berrylicious Heart-Shaped Ice Cubes! Such a fun way to jazz up your drinks for Valentine's Day! (or any day for that matter.)

Do you ever purchase something thinking, “I have no idea what I’ll use this for, but I know it will find its purpose one day?” That’s exactly what happened one year ago when I was strolling past the Target $1 bins (we’ve already established the magnetic force field around that section).  My eyes honed in on some rubber heart-shaped molds, which somehow found their way home with me, and I’ve been anxiously awaiting an opportunity {read more…}

A Few of My Favorite Silhouette Supplies & Giveaway!

Silhouette Portrait Giveaway at The Thinking Closet! 1/11 - 1/13.

Sung to the tune of “My Favorite Things” from the classic musical, The Sound of Music: Heat transfer vinyl and rhinestones for onesies, Printable foil in gold: also fun-sie. Tattoos to print out and cut ‘n any size, These are a few of my favorite supplies! (Rogers and Hammerstein are rolling in their graves right now, so we’ll stop there.) The reason for my lame attempt at a song parody?  Well, one of the most frequently {read more…}

6 DIY Skin Care Recipes

Essentially Eclectic

You are all in for a treat today: my dear friend Gabby from Essentially Eclectic is here with a round-up of some of her amazing all-natural skin care recipes.  Now, don’t be surprised if you get hungry while reading this post.  (I did!)  She uses all natural ingredients like oats, cocoa, and honey in her recipes…because she’s awesome like that.  Take it away, Gabby! Happy Monday friends and readers of The Thinking Closet! I am beyond {read more…}

The Friday Five: Knitting Without Needles

Reclaimed Wood Kitchen Shelves by Keeping It Cozy

Happy Friday, friends!  So, I was having a really hard time coming up with a clever post intro, so Mark encouraged me to take my own advice and write something “ordinary and unimpressive.”  And immediately, I knew what I needed to share.  Ready for something really unimpressive? Last night, we went bowling with some friends.  Let me add that I haven’t been bowling in at least five years.  (Not that that really helps my case much.) Okay, so {read more…}

The Friday Five: Version 2.0

The Friday Five with The Thinking Closet & The Learner Observer

Who’s excited that it’s Friday?!  The Jonas Brothers are: Michael Scott is…time to bust out the boom box: Napoleon Dynamite is…though his facial expressions will never give way to his true emotions: And I sure am!  Because there’s excitement to be had even beyond the fact that the weekend is upon us: The Friday Five” just got bigger and better.  (Didn’t think it was possible, did you?  wink.)  In fact, I’ve dubbed today’s post Version {read more…}

Salted Caramel Chocolate Cupcakes

Salted Caramel Chocolate Cupcakes by Sweet Athena

I am delighted to have one of my bloggy buddies here today to share a recipe with you that has my mouth watering!  I fully plan to make these for our next dinner party.  Take it away, Jess:   Greetings Thinking Closet Readers! I am Jess, half of the crafting and baking team over at Sweet Athena. Lauren has graciously invited me to do a guest post for you all today. Let me just start {read more…}

Christmas Cookie Baking Party

Christmas Cookie Baking Party - The Thinking Closet

Did I ever tell you that I have a sweet tooth?  (More like sweet teeth, plural.)  So, naturally, baking is one of my favorite things.  Right up there with eating baked goods.  Tee hee. When it comes to baking, I love it all – – from carefully following a recipe to licking the bowl clean.  Go one step further and make it a social event, and I’m in heaven. And that’s exactly what I got {read more…}

Mulling Spices Recipe

Mulling Spices Recipe from The Thinking Closet

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!  I hope that wherever this finds you, that your heart is overflowing with gratitude. Since Mark works today and my bro-and-sis-in-law, Todd and Ashlee, arrive from L.A. tonight, our Thanksgiving won’t be until tomorrow.  So, that’s why in the world I have time to post today! I wanted to share with you a delicious recipe for mulling spices courtesy of my Mom, Carolyn.  She originally got it from a Scandinavian store in {read more…}

The Menu Planner to Rule Them All

The Menu Planner to Rule Them All via The Thinking Closet

Since moving to Florida this summer, Mark and I have taken the initiative to create a bit more structure in our lives…from the food inside our cabinets, to our exercising, and now…to our meals! Menu planning is one thing we both agreed would not only make our lives easier, but so much healthier. We’ve never done it before (chalking it up to busyness), but we’ve gotten into that chips-and-queso-for-dinner scenario one too many times of {read more…}

You haven’t had nachos…until you’ve had Apple Nachos!

Apple Nachos via

Wait, Apple what? That’s right.  Apple Nachos.  Stay with me, folks.  Here’s a picture of them in all of their glory, just to get you salivating. This Pinterest find comes from Allyson of Manifest Vegan who shared her recipe for this apparent “craze” in the blogging world.  I’ve made them three times in the last five days, so that most definitely qualifies as a craze in our household. How are they awesome?  Let me count {read more…}