DIY “Give Thanks” Fall Sign

DIY Give Thanks Fall Sign by Crafts by Courtney | The perfect addition to a fall mantel display, especially one of the coastal variety! Courtney offers great tips on how to use a craft-cutter and some paint to transform a plain wood board into an inspirational work of art.

The other day, my MIL and I were talking about how many fantastic friendships I’ve made as a result of blogging.  And it’s true!  Blogging has put me in direct contact with so many women whose interests align with mine…it’s almost like meeting dozens of long-lost twins all around the world!  One of those long-lost twins is Courtney.  She shares in my love of Silhouette creations as well as coastal decor.  Plus, in the dictionary, {read more…}

5 Creative Ways to Use Contact Paper

5 Creative Ways to Use Contact Paper by Katie from Upcycled Treasures

Do you ever hap upon a blog where every – single – project just blows you away?  And you think, “There’s no way this person can be human!  It’s just TOO creative!” And then, you have the rare and distinct privilege of getting to meet this person, and you learn that not only are they human, but they’re as down to earth as you had dreamed.  And they just exude joy.  Well, this hypothetical situation is my reality. {read more…}

D.I.Y. Mini-Pallet Fridge Organizers

D.I.Y. Mini-Pallet Fridge Organizers. Such a creative and thorough step-by-step tutorial for creating your own personalized mini-pallet crates to help organize those school papers on the fridge and display kids' artwork!

Some people pour their heart into every single word they write, so that by the time you reach the signature on the first correspondence you’ve ever shared, you’re old friends. Stef is one of those people. And I know she is going to work her way into your heart, too, especially when you get hit with her out-of-the-box creativity today! The Space Jam soundtrack said it best: “Y’all ready for this?” *                 {read more…}

Throwback Puffy Paint Pillow Covers

Puffy Paint Pillow Cover! | Puffy paint is baaaaack, folks, and looking chic as ever. Emily has some great tips and tricks for using puffy paint to embellish d.i.y. envelope pillow covers. Such a fun and easy way to change up decor!

Friends, Romans, countrymen (and women).  Lend me your ears!  It is only befitting to start this introduction with the words of Shakespeare because the wonderful lady you are about to meet is not only a fellow English major…but she also possesses a bust of The Bard, which earns her ultimate cool points in my book.  Oh, and she happens to be one of my dearest bloggy pals of Haven 2013 & 2014 fame.  Alas, I have {read more…}

Table Transformation with Custom Blue Chalk Paint

Custom Blue Chalk Paint Table

I have a very special gal to introduce to you all today.  Ever since our first email correspondence, I felt like we had been friends since girl-hood.  Bre is the queen of furniture transformations, and guess what?  She has an outrageously awesome one to share with you all today involving Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.  After this inspiring post, working with chalk paint is first on my TO DIY list!  Take it away, Bre…. *     {read more…}

Thrifty Upcycled Nautical Serving Set

Nautical Serving Set

The nautical crafting continues today with the fabulous Katie.  She has a knack for transforming thrifted items and hardware store purchases into chic home decor and serving-ware.  In fact, I can almost guarantee you are going to want to throw a summer shin-dig after checking out the fun project she has to share with you all today.  The closet floor is yours, Katie! *                    *       {read more…}

Souvenir Seashell Paperclips

Souvenir Seashell Paperclips

If you didn’t already know, in my other life, I’m a theatre director, and right now we’re in the throes of performances.  So, over the next week, you’ll be introduced to three fabulous bloggers with three fabulous projects to share with you.  I’m delighted to introduce you to the first in the bunch, Emily!  She hit the paperclip on the head with this craft.  Let’s give her a warm Thinking Closet welcome! *         {read more…}

Wall Unit to Kitchen Hutch Makeover


Today, I have a very special lady with an out-of-this-world furniture transformation to share with you all.  Seriously, my jaw is still agape over it.  She needs very little introduction because by now, you’ve already been acquainted with this creative Canadian with an eye for style.  You see her face here most Fridays.  Have you figured it out yet?  That’s right, it’s the talented and lovely Thalita! Hi you guys, I’m Thalita from The Learner Observer. {read more…}

6 DIY Skin Care Recipes

Essentially Eclectic

You are all in for a treat today: my dear friend Gabby from Essentially Eclectic is here with a round-up of some of her amazing all-natural skin care recipes.  Now, don’t be surprised if you get hungry while reading this post.  (I did!)  She uses all natural ingredients like oats, cocoa, and honey in her recipes…because she’s awesome like that.  Take it away, Gabby! Happy Monday friends and readers of The Thinking Closet! I am beyond {read more…}

It Was Almost a Craft Fail….

If only I could use this excuse!

Part of it fell in the lake.  While I was taking photos of my awesome Ruler Framed Chalkboard Sign, the hot glue came unstuck, which caused the twine to slip out of place, which sent the sign crashing to the floor of the dock, busting the frame, and part of it fell in the lake.  I kid you not. I wish I had thought in the moment to take a photo of the piece of {read more…}

Animal Place-Card Holders at Or So She Says

Transforming Plastic Toy Animals into Gold Place-Card Holders | The Thinking Closet

If you would have told me a few weeks ago that I’d have a gold rhino at my breakfast table, I would have laughed you out of town. “Well, look who’s laughing now,” chuckles the gold rhino…at my breakfast table. So, remember those sketch pen place cards that I shared yesterday?  Well, they needed a fun way to be displayed, and somehow, my brain landed on the idea of taking plastic toy animals from the Dollar {read more…}

The Friday Five: Inspiration for Your Weekend

The Friday Five: Inspiration for Your Weekend | The Thinking Closet

It’s Friiiiiiiidaaaay!  Whoo hoo!  Let’s link arms and side-step across the dance floor, k? On Collecting So…I’m a bit of a collector.  Buttons.  Ticket stubs.  Pins.  Anyone else with me? Well, just this week, my concept of collecting “links” was blasted into outer-space when I discovered the free online software known as  Evernote.  And I fully recognize that I’m unfashionably late to the Evernote party, but I may or may not have caught up on {read more…}

Gasp! A Non-Mommy is on Mommypage!

Lauren's Interview On Mommypage

When Mommypage first contacted me about doing an interview for their special pageturners feature, my first thought was, “Don’t get me wrong, I’m extremely flattered, but you know I’m not a Mommy, right?  Unless you count Mangey, the wanderer cat who has adopted us….” But before the words could even slip out of my typing fingers, I was assured that I didn’t have to be a Mommy to be on Mommypage, so there’s no need {read more…}

Yes, I Filed my Fabric

Filing Fabric & Fabric Organization Round-Up | The Thinking Closet

None of us wake up and decide, “I’m going to be a disorganized slob today!”  Most of us start off with the best of intentions; but as the second law of thermodynamics tells us: There is a universal tendency for all systems to go from order to disorder. My fabric stash was no exception to that rule.  What began as a neat, nice stack quickly turned into the leaning tower of Pisa…three leaning towers, in fact. {read more…}

Vintage Purse Makeover

Vintage Purse Makeover | The Thinking Closet

For those of you who may have missed my guest post over at Dream a Little Bigger last month, here it is in full…plus a new photo addition of my “Teenage Mutant Ninja Polka Dots.”  Intrigued?  I hope so! About Ruth This purse holds great significance for me because it originally belonged to a beloved family friend named Ruth.  I can’t remember a holiday meal during my childhood when Ruth wasn’t at our table, warming {read more…}

Vintage Purse Makeover at Dream a Little Bigger

Vintage Purse Makeover | The Thinking Closet

Looking at this post’s title, you might be thinking, “Dream a Little Bigger…we know that name!”  And you sure do if you saw the amazing Gold Shoe Makeover Allison, author of Dream a Little Bigger, shared here on Monday. Well, Allison and I are totally in cahoots with a guest post swap this week (mwah ha ha!), so I’m sharing my makeover (also involving gold) over at her corner of the blog-o-sphere right now.  A Vintage Purse Makeover to {read more…}

Gold Shoe Makeover

Gold Crochet Shoes by Allison from Dream a Little Bigger

Friends, it is an honor to introduce you to my blog pal, Allison.  After leaving my millionth comment on her blog saying, “Oh my goodness.  I LOVE this!” I decided to invite her over here to one of her amazing refashions here with y’all today.  Allison, they’re all yours! Hi, everybody at The Thinking Closet! Let me introduce myself, I’m Allison and I’m a blogging craftaholic over at Dream a Little Bigger. I’m a huge {read more…}

Craft Drawer Organization for the Budget Savvy

Craft Drawer Organization for the Budget Savvy by Lauren from The Thinking Closet

Hi friends!  If you missed my post on Or So She Says last month where I shared my major organization overhaul for my craft drawers, here’s the whole shebang. Let’s start with an “after” picture: They’ve undergone quite the change.  For way too long, my craft storage drawers were in a sad state of disorganization and in desperate need of some purging and a bit of structure.  They were becoming more like junk drawers than craft drawers, and {read more…}

Salted Caramel Chocolate Cupcakes

Salted Caramel Chocolate Cupcakes by Sweet Athena

I am delighted to have one of my bloggy buddies here today to share a recipe with you that has my mouth watering!  I fully plan to make these for our next dinner party.  Take it away, Jess:   Greetings Thinking Closet Readers! I am Jess, half of the crafting and baking team over at Sweet Athena. Lauren has graciously invited me to do a guest post for you all today. Let me just start {read more…}

Craft Drawer Organization for the Budget Savvy

Craft Drawer Organization for the Budget Savvy via Lauren from The Thinking Closet

Okay, taking a poll here: does anyone have craft storage that looks a little scary?  Like this: If so, welcome to the club.  But we don’t have to live like this! I came up with a budget savvy solution to my craft drawer organization, and I’m sharing my tutorial over at Or So She Says today.   The best part: I only spent a few bucks and was able to use a lot of items I already had lying {read more…}

The Art of the Surprise Note


For those of you lovelies who may have missed my guest post last week: When Jessica and Linz generously invited me to share something on their blog Sweet Athena on the theme of celebrations, I got to thinking not just about the grand fanfare celebrations, but the little ways one feels celebrated in a day.  You know what I mean? Like that hug that you get out of nowhere from a friend.  Or that tilt of the hat {read more…}

The Art of the Surprise Note: Guest Posting at Sweet Athena

The Art of the Surprise Note by The Thinking Closet

Guest posts are kind of like playdates, aren’t they?  You get to go over the house of your fun new friend for an afternoon, share your stories, meet their family and friends, and return home a renewed gal…(and probably wanting a new toy). Well, today I get to have a “playdate” over at Jessica and Linz’s blog, Sweet Athena.  If you don’t know Sweet Athena, you should.  Part of what I love about that blog {read more…}

My First Crafty Contributor Post!

Winter Mason Jar Lanterns by The Thinking Closet

Today, over at Or So She Says, I am kicking off my first craft contributor post with a tutorial on how to make Winter Mason Jar Lanterns: It was an honor to receive Mariel’s invitation to join her team of contributors this year.  As a monthly craft contributor, I’ll share a project, tip, or tutorial during the first week of every month.  I’ll be sure to give y’all a heads up when I do, so {read more…}

Blogging Dreams & Goals for 2013

Blogging Dreams & Goals for 2012 by The Thinking Closet

We’ll make new traditions in place of the old ‘Cause life without revision will silence our souls. -”Snow” by Sleeping at Last Tomorrow marks the start of a new year.  A fresh start.  An uncharted path in the woods.  My lantern is at the ready. After reflecting on my blogging highlights from these first four months, it’s time to look forward.  I have so many dreams and goals for The Thinking Closet – – in {read more…}