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Reader Showcase: A Look Back at Winter 2014

The Thinking Closet Reader Showcase: Winter 2014

With the recent celebration of my 31st Birthday, winter gave us its farewell, and thus spring is here!  Or at least, for my friends up north, it’s running a little late, but it will surely be here soon. Even for a Florida spring, it has been a little chilly here the past few days–chilly enough that I’ve actually turned on the space-heater in the mornings and at night.  Although, I know I’m such a wuss. {read more…}

31 Questions Birthday Video!

31 Questions Birthday Video

Hello lovies!  It’s your girl Lauren here…and guess what day it is today?  Yes, yes, it’s the last day of winter, but it’s also…my 31st birthday!  {What whaaaaat!}  And it’s my joy to have you over here for a small celebration. Now, for those of you who may have missed it, a few weeks ago, I published a call for questions from you all…31 of them to be exact…so I could better connect with you, {read more…}

Ask Me Your Questions, I’ll Tell You No Lies….

Ask Me Your Questions! I'll Tell You No Lies.... A Video Q & A Project at

Pop Quiz: What is the thing that motivates me the MOST to keep this blog chugging down the railway? I’ll give you a hint:  it’s not money.  It’s not fame.  It’s not a personal sense of accomplishment.  Can you guess what it is? It’s you.  Yes, you, dear reader. You see, I’ve grown quite attached to you all.  Let’s be real, you’re more than virtual friends to me at this point.  Because to me, virtual friends vanish {read more…}

NEW Weekly Email Launch & Giveaway!

Custom Handmade Wood Sign by Signs by Andrea! Love the rustic edges...

Don’t mind me while I squeal with excitement over the fact that I’m crossing an item off of my Blogging Dreams & Goals for 2014 list…and that is to offer up a weekly email option for my email subscribers!  Whoo hoo!  And to add to the joy, we’re celebrating today with a really fun giveaway, which I’m eager to share with you about, but first… The Weekly Email Launch So, why is this weekly email {read more…}

Receipt Organization with Free Cut File

Stay organized this year with custom labeled Receipt Organizers (with 12 month dividers inside!). Gotta love the $1 bin at Target!

It’s like there’s some kind of magnetic force field around the $1 bin section at Target.  It just draws me in like a moth to the flame, and before I’ve even begun to tackle my shopping list, my cart is filled with goodies.  It doesn’t help that it’s the first thing you walk by after grabbing your cart.  It’s like they’re intentionally trying to get you to buy stuff, or something.  {Grin.} But I’m not complaining because I’ve {read more…}

Blogging Dreams & Goals for 2014

Christmas morn with my new Canon DSLR!

I don’t know how this happened.  I mean, it’s truly unprecedented.  But somehow, in spite of myself, the Blogging Dreams & Goals I laid for myself in 2013 all came to fruition in some way or another.  Every. last. one. I truly am dumbfounded over it all because typically, it’s like I’m physically incapable of ever crossing off more than 10% of the items on one of my TO DO lists.  Let alone 100%!  So, {read more…}

My One Word for 2014

My One Word for 2014: Balance. And how I aspire to achieve it! via

If you had to choose a word–one single solitary word–to represent your hopes, dreams, and aspirations for the new year, what word would you choose? A word to live out.  A prophesy over the steps you’ll take and the dreams you’ll seize. Last Year This time last year, I chose the word, LEAP. And leap through 2013 I did! I leapt from the safety of to the great unknown of  And I couldn’t be happier {read more…}

The Top 10 Posts of 2013

The Top Ten Posts of 2013! via

Here’s the thing about blogging: Oftentimes that post that you think is going to rock the blog-o-sphere and send the masses in droves upon droves to your blog, and who knows, maybe Better Homes & Gardens will want to feature it because it’s the simplest thing but turned out cute-as-a-button, and then before you know it, you’re on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday just like Young House Love and, and, and {wakes up from irrational dream} well…it {read more…}

10 MORE Tips for Bloggers…One Year Later

Ten MORE Tips for Bloggers

A year ago today, I hit “publish” on my post, 10 Tips for New Bloggers…From a New Blogger. In some ways, it felt strange to be offering up tips on blogging when I had only been in the game for two months.  That’s why I needed to make things clear in my title.  (“I’m still new at this, people!”) But in other ways, it felt right. For one, I’m the sort of person who processes things {read more…}

Highlights from Florida Blogger Conference 2013

Photo Booth Fun!

Saturday morning, I tossed my business cards in my purse, grabbed my laptop and iced coffee, and headed northeast to Full Sail University for the third annual Florida Blogger & Social Media Conference (FL Blog Con).  Thinking back to how I felt prior to my first ever blog conference this August, Haven, I felt strangely calm, cool, and collected this time around.  Although the conferences were less than two months apart, I like to think {read more…}

The Friday Five: Downton Arby’s & Blogiversary Giveaway Winners

Downton Arby's

Okay, so I definitely got teary-eyed reading the barrage of comments you all left me on my First Blogiversary post.  Y’all sure know how to make a girl feel loved!  And your responses were just further evidence that I’ve been blessed with the best community of readers a blogger could ask for.  (As if it were even in question.) And the survey proved way more invaluable than I ever anticipated.  Thanks a heap to everyone who took {read more…}

First Blogiversary Video & Giveaway for 6!

1st Blogiversary Giveaway - 6 Awesome Prizes for 6 Awesome Readers - at 9/6 - 11!

Today is no ordinary day.  Oh no.  Today is my first blogiversary!  That’s right, ladies and gentlemen: The Thinking Closet turns one to–day! As I sat on the couch in our cabin up at HoneyRock Camp two weeks ago, reflecting on this past year of blogging, I was overwhelmed with gratitude.  And you know why?  Because of YOU. And so, I made a video expressing that gratitude and posted it for the world to see {read more…}

The Friday Five: Made for More Than Screens

55 gentle ways to take care of yourself when you're busy, busy, busy.

This Monday was my first day “back to school,” so of course, curriculum mapping, lesson planning, and school supplies have been on the brain of late.  Thus, I shall be kicking off today’s Friday Five with some back-to-school themed gifs!  Huzzah! Here’s what I felt like doing when I opened up my teaching binder to find it still jam-packed with papers from last semester: What?!  A gaggle of little elves didn’t magically clean it out {read more…}

My Week Unplugged & Silhouette Winner

Canoeing on Long Lake.

Prepare to be shocked and amazed: I went an entire week “unplugged” from technology.  Well…almost. With the exception of one hour each day (to tame the email beast and make sure my blog hadn’t gotten sucked up into a blackhole in cyberspace), I closed my laptop and tucked away my phone for some rest and renewal.  I needed it.  And it was divine. And you know who helped make that possible?  These fabulous guest bloggers who {read more…}

Haven Business Card Round-Up & MOO Giveaway Winners!

I loved collecting business cards from my blogger buddies turned real life buddies at Haven 2013!

Hiya, friends!  So, I have to say, I was floored by the enthusiastic response to my new MOO business cards last week.  You folk do wonders for a girl’s self esteem.  Thank you!  Also, it just affirms the fact that you don’t have to be a professional designer with fancy software to create biz cards that make a lasting impression. Today, I’m going to share the survey results from last week, as well as a {read more…}

Finding Home at Haven Blog Conference 2013

Ladies Night!

Last weekend, I crossed an item off of my blogging bucket list and attended my first (and definitely not my last) blog conference: Haven.  Haven is a gathering of d.i.y. and home decor bloggers, brands, and fans…so of course, I was in my element. The conference tagline is “because there’s no place like home,” and it wasn’t until this past weekend that I realized the double meaning of that tagline.  Yes, many of us share {read more…}

5 Tips for Overcoming Blogger’s Block

5 Tips for Overcoming Blogger's Block by The Thinking Closet

Hi, friends!  This post is coming at you live from Hot-lanta, Georgia where I am attending Haven, my first ever blog conference! Wow, wow, wow.  I already have so much to tell you, and so far, we’ve only had registration, a cocktail party, and dinner…but it is truly incredible to connect with so many fantastic d.i.y. bloggers in one place.  In fact, it’s kind of surreal meeting people whose face you know so well from {read more…}

My New MOO Business Cards & Giveaway for 3!

My New Moo Business Cards! by The Thinking Closet

One of my goals for 2013 was to attend a blog conference, and that dream will become a reality tomorrow (eek!) when I’ll be rubbing shoulders with Ana White, Sherry Petersik, and Beckie Farrant at Haven blog conference.  Actually, what’s more likely is that I’ll be so starstruck, I’ll trip and fall into their shoulders.  So, I need to have something to hand out during the awkward silence after that moment.  What better than a snazzy blogger business card?! {read more…}

The Friday Five: Sharks vs. Sting Ray


It’s Friday morning, 8 a.m. eastern, which can only mean one thing: it’s time for The Friday Five!  And that bears celebrating (pun intended): As you may have seen on Instagram, I got to spend last weekend at the Jersey Shore for a little anniversary celebration with Mark and quality time with family and friends.  We’ve enjoyed summer vacations there for as long as I can remember…and as you may have picked up from my {read more…}

The Friday Five: A Jig in a Tiny Little Hat

Sprinkle Tea Candles by Food & Femininity

Helloooo, friends!  I hope my US readers had a very happy Fourth of July yesterday and a belated Happy Canada Day to my friends north of the border.  Did you manage to avoid #holidayfails?  Or were you, too, perhaps burned by a seemingly harmless sparkler not one but two Fourth of a Julys in a row like I was as a wee lass?  (Oh, and if you have #childhoodhorrorstories of your own to share, please {read more…}

Gasp! A Non-Mommy is on Mommypage!

Lauren's Interview On Mommypage

When Mommypage first contacted me about doing an interview for their special pageturners feature, my first thought was, “Don’t get me wrong, I’m extremely flattered, but you know I’m not a Mommy, right?  Unless you count Mangey, the wanderer cat who has adopted us….” But before the words could even slip out of my typing fingers, I was assured that I didn’t have to be a Mommy to be on Mommypage, so there’s no need {read more…}

How to Create a Blog Signature in Your Own Handwriting

How To Create A Blog Signature in Your Own Handwriting | The Thinking Closet

“Yo yo yo, this is your girl L-Money, comin’ at you live on the microphone with a bliggitty blogging tip to help give your John Hancocks some suga’ and spice.  Bricka, bricka, what?!  It’s gonna be tight, y’all.  You feel me?” Before you all run for the hills, let me explain that intro.  I taught 9th grade English for three years when we lived in Ohio, and I would sometimes start my classes in a {read more…}

How to Edit Photos with Pixlr Express: A Video Tutorial

How to Edit Photos with Pixlr Express: A Video Tutorial | The Thinking Closet

One small step for YouTube.  One giant leap for The Thinking Closet. Today, I share my first ever video tutorial, and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous.  Sure, I’m a theatre person, and I’ve gotten up in front of some tough crowds in my day (remember, I teach high school students).  Still, there’s something about putting yourself out there on video for the world wide web to see that is a little {read more…}

My Blog Migration Story: Part 5

My Blog Migration Story - Part 5

If you’re just tuning in, click here to start at the beginning with Part 1 of My Blog Migration Story. Today marks the fifth and final part of this blog series.  For those of you who haven’t deserted me after all of the techie jargon, thank you, thank you, thank you. It has been over a month that The Thinking Closet has been livin’ and flyin’ over here at, and I just now feel like {read more…}