Ask Me Your Questions, I’ll Tell You No Lies….

Ask Me Your Questions!  I'll Tell You No Lies.... A Video Q & A Project at

Photo by Tiago Gerken

Pop Quiz: What is the thing that motivates me the MOST to keep this blog chugging down the railway?

I’ll give you a hint:  it’s not money.  It’s not fame.  It’s not a personal sense of accomplishment.  Can you guess what it is?

It’s you.  Yes, you, dear reader.

You see, I’ve grown quite attached to you all.  Let’s be real, you’re more than virtual friends to me at this point.  Because to me, virtual friends vanish when you click your laptop closed.  But you all don’t.  You’re so often in the forefront of my mind.  I think about you when I create; I wonder, “Will my dear reader be inspired by this creation?”  I think about you when I write; I wonder, “Will my dear reader be bored by this paragraph or mildly entertained?”  I think about you when I watch a video that makes my eyes well up with emotion; I decide, “I must share this with my dear reader in this week’s newsletter.”

And before I bust out into some creepy Sting lyrics, let me bring the message home.

In an effort to make the virtual space between us feel less vast and to push myself toward one of my goals for the year, I’m going to work on a special video project devoted to answering your questions!  And because I love a good challenge, I’m going to attempt to answer 31 of your questions in 3 minutes and 10 seconds.  And oh, why not go a step further and have this video air on my 31st birthday on March 19th?  (I love a good themed party.)

And I’m rolling my eyes at myself right now because who knows if this is even possible.  I did the math, and it breaks down to a little over 6 seconds per question.  So, basically I’m going to give myself a heart attack making this video, but I will master the art of conciseness if it’s the last thing I do!  And hopefully, I’ll give you a smile, too.

Fire away!

So, dear reader, what would you like to know?  What’s that burning question you’ve been wondering that I just never seem to answer?  Now’s the time to ask it!

Share your questions for me in the comments below or via email!  Whether it’s one question or 10.  Whether it’s “What is the most challenging thing about blogging?” or “What’s your favorite 80s movie?”  And I’ll pull out 31 questions from the mix to take a stab at in video form 12 days from now.  (Wow, that’s soon!)

And it will bond us all the more!  Of that I am certain.

Ask Me Your Questions!  I'll Tell You No Lies.... A Video Q & A Project at

Photo by Rula Sibai

My Inspiration

Here are some bloggers I heart who have inspired me by connecting with their readers through video Q & As:

I hope to do the same for you.

Now, in the words of Pat Benetar, hit me with your best shot.  Fire away!


Lovely comments so far...

  1. Ooh fun!! What’s YOUR biggest irrational phobia?

    And who’s your bloggy BFF? :) (totally kidding.)

  2. Andrea B. says:

    Favorite Food, Favorite Dessert, your biggest pet peeve about the hubby.

  3. what has blogging taught you about yourself :)

  4. or about anything really, that was just an automatic question :)

  5. so excited about this! my question is how do you juggle family, work and a successful blog?

  6. Gabrielle Mays says:

    I love anything crafting g from papercrafting to sewing to jewelry making and home decor crafting. However I find it difficult to do so with kids and working. How do you find time to craft with kids and a family or do you have any advice for crafting working moms?

  7. How fun! You come across as very fun and confident. Is there anything that makes you nervous?

  8. Oh my goodness I can hardly wait for this video. I’ll give you hopefully an easy (and short answer) one – what’s your all-time favorite musical?

  9. Are you always so upbeat? To what do you attribute your perkiness, my dear? Could you bottle it and send me some?
    ok, that’s 3 questions, but all related. Love ya Lauren! you make me feel like being a little braver myself when you put yourself out there like this!

  10. I truly look forward to reading your blog! Your creativity inspires me! I am hoping that one of these Silhouette giveaways I will be blessed with your contacting me (heehee).

    My questions:
    If you had been told in college that you had to choose a new career path (no musical theater or teaching) what would you be doing?

    Besides indulging on cookie dough (I just ordered 2 containers from our school fundraiser), what other indulgences do you have?

    Besides family and theater, what do you miss most about NY?

    Thank you Lauren, for just being you!!

  11. If you weren’t a DIY’er Blogger Extraordinaire, what would you do?

  12. How many hours a day do you spend doing crafts/diy?

    Is there any crafty/sewing/diy project that you don’t like to do?


  13. Sarah P. says:

    Where do you get your ideas? What is your favorite craft to do? What is your favorite medium to use?

  14. You are a brave, brave girl and the video is sure to be amazing!! Who or what contributed to your passion for crafting and creating?

  15. Hmm… Good one! Ok, what would your absolutely perfect day look like?

  16. What is your favorite fictional novel or fiction based on fact. Or just book if you don’t do fiction?

  17. Wow! What a super idea! I would love to know…How do you deal with times when you just want to have downtime from the blog (like when you are having a ‘I just want to hide away’ day)? How do you keep up with pre-planning blog posts and creating the things you blog about? and finally How do you think of new posts and ideas? I would love these answers as (as a newbie blogger as you know) I am always treading water a little with keeping up with three posts a week and making and creating and keeping my ideas fresh without losing the creativity under the pressure! *breathe*
    Cannot wait to see your Video Lauren! Super duper excited! :)

  18. Karen Lewis says:

    Did your adoptive kitty (Mangey?) help you with your bedroom redo? Please include a quick shot of the kitty if you choose to reply to my question. Love you Lauren and you are in my thoughts often like you think about your followers!

  19. Someone already asked the “your favorite musical question,” so I’ll ask 2 corollary questions: “What was your favorite musical song to sing?” and which song in a musical would you aspire to sing some day, whether in the musical or just in a revue?
    The Music Man

  20. Did I mention that I love you?? :) Ok, what is the one thing you dislike most about blogging – that one little part that seems like a chore or is a pet peeve, etc.?
    Either way, I cannot wait to read this post on 3/31! xo

  21. Love this! My question is when you think back on the last 31 years, what’s one of the most valuable things you’ve learned? Xoxo

  22. Oh, I know you will pull together an awesome video! I feel like I’m bad at on-the-spot questions, but here goes one: What’s one big thing you want to accomplish before you turn 32?

  23. Such a fun idea! And I love that you included a line from Pat Benetar! With that being said – favorite song ever?

  24. I have SO many questions, but here is just one, What is one thing you would tell parents to “do” or to “be” that would help develop creativity in their children?

    I am praying you enjoy making the Q and A video!

    • It came out SO well! I loved your answer to my question….and all the questions you answered! What a creative idea!

  25. K I totally love this and I am SO EXCITED to see your video. Now, I don’t know if my question is coming in a little late, but here goes anyway: If you could tell your 15 1/2 year old self (because that’s exactly half your age) anything, what would it be?

  26. Hi Lauren,
    I can not wait to see this video!!! My question is, does you hubby ever get annoyed with how much time you spend crafting and working on your blog? My husband is totally supportive of my crafting, he even bought me a Silhouette for Christmas! But sometimes he feels “left out” when I’m working on the blog and spending time on the internet trying to learn new things and interact with people in the hopes of building a business. I try to work on the computer while he’s asleep or doing something else, but he still seems hurt that he’s no longer my main focus. (Note: I’ve always been a stay at home mother/wife, so he’s used to having all my attention.)
    Peace, Love and Joy,

  27. Lauren…what fun! Can I have 2 questions? What did you want to be when you grew up? Who is your hereo? Can’t wait to see the video and if ANYONE can pull this off in a very entertaining way, it is you friend! XXOO

    • Of course you can have two questions, Wendi! (They’re great!) And ha ha, we shall see if I can pull this off – - hopefully it will at least be entertaining, even if I completely fail. Lol xoxo

  28. Lady Merril says:

    What’s you’re favorite thing about Florida, and what do you miss most about Ohio?

    Love reading your blog! <3

    • thethinkingcloset says:

      You have no idea how happy it made me to see that Lady Merril had commented on my blog…and with such fantastic questions, too. These are DEFINITELY making the cut! Thanks, girl!

  29. where do you find all your time to craft, create and do wonders?


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