The Friday Five: Choose the Stairs

In case you get your days mixed up (like I sometimes do), it’s Friiiidaaaay, friends!  And that bears celebratin’!  Right, Phoebe?

It might even merit a jiggity jig a la my favorite animated Christmas movie:

Or from another favorite, Love Actually:

Yep, it’s November, which means Christmas movie references are now allowed.  I’m even planning to be elbow-deep in some Christmas crafting this weekend.  That and some acting!  I’m going to be playing a cockney-accented, pun-lovin’ dog in a little sketch comedy at our church this Sunday, which I’m rather excited about it.  I will do my very best to capture a photo of myself in full-dog-regalia on Instagram, so keep an eye out.

And now, it’s time for this week’s round of…

The Friday Five

The Friday Five: Inspiration for Your Weekend!

Five inspirational links from the world-wide-web gathered for especially for you to help kick off your weekend!  And I like to challenge myself with five word intros, because, as we established in my 10 More Tips for Bloggers post, I can err on the side of verbosity.  {Blush.}

Oh, and this probably goes without saying, but if you’d like to pin one of these fab. images, click through to the original source first!  Cheers.

1.  Pumpkins made from vintage sheets.

The Friday Five!  Inspiration for your weekend.

Vintage Fabric Pumpkins by Cottage Industry

2.  Rustic rope on open shelving.

The Friday Five...inspiration for your weekend.

Rustic Wall Shelving Tutorial by Making Home Base

3.  Another reason to choose stairs.

4.  I heart anything gold-dipped.

The Friday Five!  Inspiration for your weekend.

Gold-Dipped Pear Place-Cards by Almost Makes Perfect

5.  Christmas gift tags in neon!

Christmas Gift Tags with Washi Tape! {Free cut file included.} Via

Christmas Gift Tags with Washi Tape by The Thinking Closet over at Design Dazzle

Yeah, that last one is courtesy of yours truly!  I’m sharing some gift tags I made with my Silhouette and brightly-colored washi tape over at Design Dazzle today.  It’s part of their 100 Ideas of Christmas Wonderful series, which promises to be chock full of inspiration with Christmas crafts, decorating, gift ideas, sweet treats, the whole nine yards.  There will be new inspiration everyday leading up until Christmas, in fact, over 100+ pieces of inspiration.  So, be sure to check that series out!

100 Ideas of Christmas Wonderful

Speaking of wonderful, have a happy weekend, friends!

P.S.  Thalita not only has an out-of-this-world compilation of inspiration in this week’s Friday Five (Light, Camera, Stolen Art?), but she has also got a scrum-diddlee-umptious Oatmeal Peanut Butter Bar Recipe you don’t wanna miss!  Check it.

The Friday Five with The Thinking Closet & The Learner Observer


Lovely comments so far...

  1. Oh I just LOVE those fabric pumpkins! So cute! And it reminds me of what we talked about on your decorated pumpkins and pedestals page, how this is another easy and reusable craft. I also like the pumpkin pillows because they could be great “stuffed animals” if you had kids!

  2. Love your Friday Five, Lauren! I have been trying to think of a purpose for some ugly vintage pillow cases that I have. Those pumpkins might just be the answer!

  3. Great post, loved the stairs. Hooray for fun and hooray for people finding out how important it is. :)

  4. Did you know that that last clip from “Love Actually” is what I call the “Doctor Dance” because it seems that all doctors do that in some fashion. I know our son does and I can almost be certain that Mark has done it in some form or another! Right?!
    I just love your Friday posts! They set me up for a great weekend!

  5. Marmie/Lauren's mom says:

    I tried going to the original site of those fabric pumpkins to pin it but didn’t see a way to pin it to my board…at least on the photos. They are so cute. Loved your post about the gift tags, too, and the pear place cards. So much inspiration!

  6. K… that video??!?!?!?!?! Amazeballs! I was loving it Especially when there were no people on the escalator and a bunch on the stairs. The pumpkins are INSANELY cute, but can we talk abut your gift tags for a sec? WOE! So good!!! Loving the colours. You are a wiz with that Silhouette!

  7. Thanks for the share friend!!

  8. :-) hey, I love the piano stairs video, fun makes everything better! :-) & will go and check your Christmas gift tags in neon now :-)

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