Stamped Wrapping Paper Tutorial & Silhouette Winner!

Did you know that the pineapple is considered a universal symbol of hospitality and welcome?  My Mom, who is the queen of gift-giving, taught me that!  So sometimes, I bring a pineapple as a gift to a friend’s home I’m visiting.

We’re planning a trip to California soon, and I have plans to bring hospitality gifts for the family and friends with whom we’re staying.  But since I can’t really pack a few pineapples in my suitcase (at least, not without invoking a full pat down), I’ll bring a gift wrapped in hand-stamped pineapple paper instead!

Stamped Wrapping Paper Tutorial by The Thinking Closet

You got an introduction to the new Silhouette Stamping Starter Kit last week when I made my Handmade Gift Tags:

Well, I used that same kit to whip up some Pineapple Stamped Wrapping Paper, so my gift-tags now have a partner in crime!  And here’s a quick tutorial of how it all went down, so you can make your own.

Stamped Wrapping Paper Tutorial

Step 1.  Create your stamp design.  In my Silhouette Studio Designer Edition software, I hand-sketched the base of my pineapple and tweaked a free clip art file for the leaves.  And you are more than welcome to download my cut file for personal use; just click on the image below.

Free Cut File of Pineapple by Lauren from The Thinking Closet

Click HERE to download the free studio file

Step 2.  Cut your designs.  You may recall that I ran into a few snags with this step during my last attempt.  Well, after accidentally leaving the protective sheet on the mat and failing to get clean cuts on the stamping material, I finally realized I needed to peel that protective layer OFF.  So, by the time I cut my pineapple shape, it was smooth sailing!  The stamping material stayed planted firmly on the mat and the shape was cut with ease.

Remove White Layer before Cutting Stamping Material.

Remove White Layer before Cutting Stamping Material.

Silhouette Stamping Material applied to the Mat

Pat the stamping material down to remove air bubbles.

The correct method!

Adjust your rollers, load the mat, and cut with a blade of 9.

Step 3.  Peel away your cut design.  Even if the blade doesn’t cut all the way through the material, just gently pull on it, and it will cleanly break away from the stamping material.

Pull Stamp Away from the Material

Step 4.  Place your design on an acrylic block.  Then, you can place your design onto an acrylic block (one of three sizes).  These blocks are great because they come with grid lines for alignment; also if you don’t get a solid stamp the first time around, you can easily see what you’re doing in order to re-stamp it.

Stamp on Acrylic Block

Step 5.  Ink your stamp.  In order to ink my stamp, I placed the ink pad onto the design rather than the stamp onto the ink pad because it gave me more control.  (It’s okay if the ink gets all over the block…in fact, it will!)

Ink Stamp

Step 6.  Stamp your heart out!  Make sure to press straight down on a hard surface and apply a good lot of pressure.  I used a roll of white craft paper for my wrapping paper.

Stamping your design on your wrapping paper.

Stamped Wrapping Paper

I love how the irregularities in the stamping give it a faded, vintage look.

Stamped Wrapping Paper

Step 7.  Wrap your gift!  Now comes the fun part of gift-wrapping.  I wrapped up our hospitality gift in the pineapple stamped wrapping paper and added one of my handmade gift tags that I tied on with some baker’s twine!

Stamped Wrapping Paper Tutorial by The Thinking Closet

Stamped Wrapping Paper Tutorial by The Thinking Closet

Stamped Wrapping Paper Tutorial by The Thinking Closet

And just to give you a snapshot of real life:

Kitty Photo Bomb!  Keepin' it real.

Keep in mind this was one of about a dozen photobombs by our adopted cat, Mangey.  She’s apparently partial to pineapple wrapping paper!  Who knew?!

For more DIY wrapping paper ideas…

Silhouette Winner

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Last week, I had a Silhouette Portrait Giveaway, and today is the day I announce the lucky winner!  Thanks to everyone who entered; we had quite a merry bunch this round!

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Giveaway Winner

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The Silhouette Challenge - A Series By The Thinking Closet & Friends

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Lovely comments so far...

  1. says

    Yeah, taking pineapples might be a problem. What a great way to create wrapping paper! And it looks so cute wrapped with twine and your gift tag of course! Okay, I’m going to have to get that starter kit! Your friends are very lucky to have a such a creative friend. Have a great trip to Cali!

    • thethinkingcloset says

      You’re so sweet. Thanks, Jeanie! Can’t wait to go through the links and see what you’ve been up to this month. I know it will be inspirational as always!

    • thethinkingcloset says

      I like that title! “Silhouette crafting goddess!” I just might need to make me a nameplate. Ha ha. And you know I’d love it if you ended up with a Silhouette – – we could swap project ideas! (Of course, only if it makes sense from a financial standpoint. That comes first!) Thanks for the kind words, Monica. Happy Tuesday to you!

  2. says

    Oh Dear! I really need to get that stamping kit LOL. I;m dying here looking what you can do with it!!! Looove it!!! Hope you have a great day

    Cami @

    • thethinkingcloset says

      I can see the stamped cards by Camila now! Ha ha. You always do such beautiful work, and I know that would be the case with a stamping kit at your fingertips. Thanks for the feedback, friend! Hugs back.

  3. says

    What a wonderful way to make gift giving more personable! Love it & now I need a stamping kit! I can imagine a LOT of things one can do with the Stamping kit! Looks easy and FUN!

    • thethinkingcloset says

      I’m glad you’re eager to try it, Bev! After I figured out the whole mat thing, it really did prove to be easy and fun…which is my kinda project!

    • thethinkingcloset says

      Thanks, Katie! I was really pleased with how it turned out…and now, I want to stamp everything in sight! Ha ha.

    • thethinkingcloset says

      Thanks, Katherine! It was fun to put a personal, handmade touch on the wrapping paper! What can I say, “The best things in life are handmade!”

    • thethinkingcloset says

      Hopefully I can make the process easier for others than it was for me the first go-around. The second time through, with this pineapple stamp, it was really easy peazy. What a relief!

  4. Karen L says

    Congrats to the Portrait winner Jenna and here is a link to a getting started video (although it’s for a Cameo) from YouTube. It really is quite good but long 37 minutes but it keeps moving along with some good tips.

    Take a look at it Lauren and if you don’t want it posted, please delete this post. I downloaded it for reference and maybe we could just add it as a file in the Silhouette Challenge Group.

    Does Mangey eat pineapple? My one cat loves Feta cheese-goofy cat!

    • thethinkingcloset says

      Karen, you’re so sweet to share that video! The ever-helper! I’ll take a look at it, and I like your idea of adding it to our S.C. group for newbies. In fact, I’m working on a post for Silhouette beginners, and I might need to embed that in the post if I can. Thanks for the tip! (Yet again.)

      And I’m not sure if Mangey eats pineapple. We’ll have to try it out. I once had a cat that loved cantaloupe! And I love that your cat is a Feta fanatic! Ha ha.

    • thethinkingcloset says

      Thanks, Monica! Once I got past my snafu with the mat, it was a ton of fun to work with! Hope you can try it out soon.

    • thethinkingcloset says

      I am SO excited for you, my dear! Thanks for entering in the first place. And I cannot WAIT to see what you create with it. Watch out, world!

    • thethinkingcloset says

      Ha ha. It actually was a challenge for me to choose just ONE photobomb photo. She’s a cutie, so I was tempted to do a photobomb montage…but then decided to exhibit some restraint. (Not everyone is a kitty lover! Though clearly, you are.)

    • thethinkingcloset says

      Ha ha. You’re going to have a lot of fun with it, Valerie! Can’t wait to see your first creations with it! Hope it gets to your doorstep sooner than later.

  5. says

    Lovely paper, we are fans of DIY wrapping paper. I craved pineapple when I was pregnant. Apparently pineapple has “feel good happy” properties called serotonin in them which explains why I ended up with such a happy baby (who is now a happy 13 yr old)

    • thethinkingcloset says

      Sharon, what a fun story about your pregnancy! I’m going to keep that in mind for the future! Pineapples = happy babies = happy Mamas!

  6. says

    Love the pineapples! They are perfect for housewarming gift paper! I still can’t tell how thick the stamping material is, it seems awfully thin. Is it meant to be a permanent/lasts forever stamp?

    • thethinkingcloset says

      Emily, the material is thin, but strong and stamps without ink from the block getting onto the paper. I don’t see it falling apart with usage. You’ll just want to store it in such a way that it doesn’t risk getting torn or damaged.

    • thethinkingcloset says

      Ha ha! You’re too funny, Lynden. Glad you enjoyed the tute. Our trip is going to be a whirlwind, so unfortunately I won’t have time to visit with my Cali bloggy buddies, but I’ll just have to make a second trip!

    • thethinkingcloset says

      I know, Jamie! I’m crossing my fingers they open up their doors to Canada and that you’re the first to run through!

  7. Marmie/Lauren's mom says

    You are too kind to call me a queen of gift-giving, but I am excited you remembered about pineapples as symbolizing hospitality. They are an unusual hostess gift; they really aren’t too difficult to cut open, but I wish they were a little easier for the host/hostess.

    The stamping is brilliant…I would save the paper after I opened it, as you know! Love the photo bomb of Mangey! Safe travels and love to those you are visiting!

    • thethinkingcloset says

      Of course I remembered! It’s such an unconventional, but sweet gift! And I’m not surprised you’d save the paper. You appreciate things handmade with love. And I dare say you’ve passed that appreciation onto me! :-)

  8. says

    Pineapple wrapping paper is genius! I’m impressed with how well the stamp worked….is there anything that a Silhouette machine can’t do?lol


    • thethinkingcloset says

      Wow, genius?! Really?! Thanks for that, Cindy! And I know, I ask myself that question all the time. It’s a wonder-machine. In fact, instead of robots taking over the world someday, I think Silhouettes will take over the world. Watch out! 😉

  9. says

    This is so cute Lauren! How creative and a great use of the Silhouette. Now I know what I need to get next for the Cameo! I also learned on a tour in Savannah once that when a pineapple was placed on the homes’ mantle, that it meant the owners were politely asking the guest to leave. It was a token of appreciation and a sign to get out! haha.

    • thethinkingcloset says

      Thanks, Alisha! Ha ha, yes the stamping kit is one that you’d have a heap of fun with, I just know it. And thanks for the fun fact about pineapples on mantles. Now, I’ll know what message is being sent my way if and when I see it! Ha ha.

  10. says

    I’m loving this final product, From the stamped paper, to the candy cane striped cord that ties it all together! It’s so much more poetic and artsy than the regular shiny store-bought paper. Speaking of pineapples, Mom and I saw a pineapple today on the front door of a row home in Philly!


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