My First Crafty Contributor Post!

Today, over at Or So She Says, I am kicking off my first craft contributor post with a tutorial on how to make Winter Mason Jar Lanterns:

Winter Mason Jar Lanterns by The Thinking Closet

How Floridians can get a dose of “snow.”

It was an honor to receive Mariel’s invitation to join her team of contributors this year.  As a monthly craft contributor, I’ll share a project, tip, or tutorial during the first week of every month.  I’ll be sure to give y’all a heads up when I do, so you can head over and check out it.

I also highly recommend you go check out some of the other great posts over at Or So She Says.  Here are some of my favorite posts by the amazing Mariel herself that demonstrate her love of family time, traditions, and good eats:

Or So She SaysHope to see you lovelies over there.  Have a fantasmagorical day!

This is Lauren, signing off.

Lovely comments so far...

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    Looks lovely Lauren! I love all of the mason jar candle lanterns I have seen on Pinterest and plan to make a few of my own versions. I do have one question, how does the salt hold up with rain? It started pouring rain here is why it popped in my head and I know when we put Epsom salt mixtures in our baths they dissolve.

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      Good question, Aubrey! I don’t plan to leave them out in the rain for that very reason, but have them set aside for special occasions when we have visitors…which is getting to be quite frequently! The four jars I made are sitting in one of our IKEA expedit shelves right now, so we can enjoy their whimsy inside, too.

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    Congrats! Looks fabulous! We are lucky if we get snow here in Seattle. It seriously shuts the city down with only a few inches. Blast you, hills! Instead it is dark, grey and rainy most of the year (suicide capital of the U.S.). So it could be worse. Although, we live near the mountains, so I can always pop over and get my fill of snow (and snowboarding). :)

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      Thanks for the sweet words, Christina! It was an exciting next step for me as a blogger. Looking forward to see how you use your creativity to solve the wallpaper dilemma. I know you’ll come up with something great!

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      Thanks, sis. And Alicia is clearly a good woman. And walk into any thrift or craft store and you can pick up some of your own for a decent price (especially the clear ones). The blue tinted glass ones (like we used in our wedding) are a little bit more in high demand. And I am SO kicking myself now for ever giving the majority of them away. Onwards and upwards, though, right?

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    That is just so cute! I grew up in Canada with very snowy winters, and I too live in FL now–this is a perfect ‘snow fix’… I’ve been getting nostalgic for winter lately! Thank you!

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      Love to “meet” other Floridians! And nostalgic is a great word for how I feel about winter, too. Until today (whoah, those winds!), it has felt incredibly warm, to the point where I’m like, “Wait, isn’t it supposed to get below 70 in the winter?” 😉 Thanks for your stopping by, Leisa.

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