10 Heartwarming Videos – Kids Edition

10 Heartwarming Videos - Kids Edition - by The Thinking Closet

If there’s ever a month for heart-warming, it’s December.

So, to kick things off, I thought I’d compile a list of some of my favorite YouTube videos that are guaranteed to make you smile.  After all, they involve kids.

The soul is healed by being with children.
― Fyodor Dostoyevsky

These videos will restore your faith in humanity and your hope in the next generation…if you ever lost it.

1.  PS 22 Chorus “Viva La Vida.”  This is the video I would show on the first day of school to my freshman English students.  I used it to paint a picture of the kind of classroom I hoped to create – – one in which students feel free to be their most honest selves – – a classroom free of bullying and judgement.  When that kind of safe space exists, the potential for creativity just skyrockets.  The N.Y.C. Public School 22 chorus is a testament to that.

2.  Caine’s Arcade.  This video came to me from my sister, Lisbeth, and had me tearing up in the Publix parking lot one night.  Consider this one more like a short film; it’s 11 minutes long and worth every second of your time.  Hooray for creative kids and the adults who celebrate their creativity.

If you were as moved as I was by this film, I recommend watching Chapter 2 of Caine’s Arcade.

3.  Kittens Inspired by Kittens.  It’s such a simple concept – – a little girl interprets the thoughts and words of kittens on the pages of her book; but it never fails make me laugh.  It has gotten over 16 million views on YouTube (several hundred of those belong to me).

4.  Trigon Commercial: Karate.  This little kid – – between his sound effects and adult way of talking – – melts my heart in 31 seconds or less.

5.  Home – Acoustic Cover by Jorge & Alexa.  If you missed seeing this father-and-daughter duo on Ellen and America’s Got Talent, you’ve got to see the original home video that started it all.  I think what draws me in most is their sweet relationship…and Alexa’s spirit!

6.  David’s New Snail.  Mike Adair had a conversation with his son about his new snail and created a captivating animated film as a result using real audio.  I first saw this video years ago, but it’s one that I watch every so often when my spirits need lifting.  It’s not on YouTube, so just click here watch the video at Mike Adair’s website.

10 Videos to Warm Your Heart via The Thinking Closet

OR click HERE to watch the video.

7.  Hey Jimmy Kimmel, I Told My Kid I Ate All of Their Halloween Candy – Again.  For the past two Halloweens, Jimmy Kimmel, the late night TV host, asked his viewers to play a prank on their kids, telling them that they had eaten all of their Halloween candy.  Hundreds of parents did just that, capturing it all on video that they uploaded to YouTube.  Usually tears ensue, tantrums, and even physical attack.  But here was one of the sweetest reactions from a little girl to her Mom.  (I only hope I would be so forgiving in the same circumstance.)

8.  Panyee Football Team.  A short five minute film about the true story of Thailand’s Panyee football team…an unlikely group of champions who overcame great odds.

9.  Kid Snippets: Kids Tell, Adults Act.  If movies were written by children, here’s what would happen.  (I love the way kids think!)

10.  Grateful Kid Gets XBox 360 & Halo.  And I saved my favorite for last.  This video about broke my heart when I first saw it.  I was so impressed by this boy’s gratefulness and his appreciation for his parents’ hard work to buy him such a big gift.  He is an example for us all.

I hope your heart is warmed!  And let me know if you have any other heart-warming videos that we should check out.  I’m always on the lookout for more YouTube goodness.

Happy December!

This is Lauren, signing off.

Lovely comments so far...

  1. Nancy says

    Hey Lauren – thanks for sharing. I’d seen many of these but not all so will check them out soon. Have you seen “sweetest proposal of all time” on youtube? You may recognize the young man from our Holyland adventure but he was only 12 then :-) It was made on 7/29/2009 in the YT in OG at the New Beginnings performance. The subtitles are helpful so keep your eye on the bottom while you watch. Love your blog!! Keep the inspirations coming!

    • says

      Wow, Nancy! That was incredible…and brought me to tears. The love and care that went into this proposal was clearly modeled after the love and care Kevin witnessed in the marriage between his parents. You must be so proud. Thank you so much for sharing this. I had not seen it before…and it’s a heartwarmer! For sure! I still have chills….

  2. Marmie says

    I just looked at the first 7 and will finish tomorrow! They are AWESOME! All of them!

    What great examples. I had seen a couple of them already, but they are all great to use as teaching tools in various ways! Thanks for compiling them!

    • says

      I know, it’s quite a long list, and likely too much to digest all at once. I’m impressed you watched the first seven, though!

      And you’re spot on about many of them being great teaching tools. I always loved using my Smartboard to show video clips to illustrate a point I was trying to teach or provoke a writing prompt. I wonder if you could use any of these with your nursing students?

      • says

        I finished them all and loved every one. The football team in Thailand and the The young boy grateful for his parents’ gifts were especially touching (I am literally crying on that last one)…the kid snippets were so clever and cute (I even looked at the blind date one in addition to the salesman) and others very sweet and/or inspirational. I would love to use them with nursing students…will give that some more thought!
        During this time of year I have to remind you of this one…starting at about 49 seconds…

        • says

          That is hilarious! I remember seeing this video before a while back, but had forgotten about it until now. Thanks for sharing! You almost wonder if someone told the kids ahead of time to “sing out!” and she took it to the enth degree! Love the reactions of the other little kids. Makes me wish I could be at HPC for your pageant this year. Break a leg!

          • says

            I wish you could join us on Sunday, too! I think that church really looks like HPC and the kids and costumes could be ours, too! Have fun merry-making in Florida…until Christmas Eve when we can make merry together!!

  3. says

    I should have been in bed but instead I had to watch “just one more” last night. All of these are fabulous videos and it may be the hormones (40 weeks pregnant) but I cried during more than one. Love little Caine! That boy who has more drive than most of the adults I know. Had to watch the Salesman video twice: hilarious!

    Found your blog through Pinterest and happy to have a new regular read to add to my list.

    • says

      I had so much fun compiling this list of videos – – I’m glad to hear they warmed your heart, Jaime. I’m with you – – Caine impressed me so much. And how wonderful that someone recognized his creativity and celebrated it.

      Congrats on your pregnancy!

  4. says

    Wow. This compilation is amazing! I love the little girl singing with her Daddy, as well as the film about the “football” team. So great! Might have to post some of these on my blog soon. Props to you!


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