20 Punny Halloween Costume Ideas

20 MORE Punny Halloween Costume Ideas via thinkingcloset.com

This is what happens when you wait to create your Halloween costume until the last minute: Get it?!  We’re The Black-Eyed Peas!  (Or rather, The Black-Eyed Ps.)  Just a bit of black eyeshadow and Ps cut out of duct tape paper (yes, they sell duct tape in 8.25″ x 10″ sheets!)…easy peazy. I actually find punny Halloween costumes quite funny; I love that they require a wee bit of brain power to understand.  (Step aside, {read more…}

Glitter House Number Pumpkin: Fall-ify Florida Part II

DIY Glitter House Number Pumpkin via The Thinking Closet

First things first: To my friends and family in the north east, know that I’m praying hardcore for all impacted by Hurricane Sandy – – for peace and restoration, especially for Ocean Grove, N.J. *                    *                    *                    * With just one more day until Halloween, I thought I’d glam up our pumpkin with some metallic spray paint and a glitter house number.  This is the chilliest it has been in Florida since we moved this {read more…}

DIY Wedding Invitation Ornament

Fran & Arturo

My dear friend from high school, Fran, is getting married to the love of her life, Arturo…TODAY! They have already been on many adventures together, traveling the world, but I trust this new adventure of marriage, will be the best one yet! It was all I could do to hold off posting about my wedding gift to them until today.  I’m über excited about it.  Here it is: their wedding invitation ornament. This project was {read more…}

Nifty Item #3: It’s a Fabric Bonanza!

It's a Fabric Bonanza via The Thinking Closet

bonanza [bəˈnænzə] n 1. a source, usually sudden and unexpected, of luck or wealth. I’m one of those people who never wins things.  Raffles?  Stopped bothering buying tickets.  Contests?  Not since the seventh grade poetry contest.  Giveaways?  Please. Until now!  This past September, by a wild act of God, I won the September Sponsor Giveaway on one of my favorite blogs, Lil Blue Boo.  I was shocked – – floored – – when I heard {read more…}

Lil Journal Project – What Inspires Me

Lil Journal Project: Inspiration via The Thinking Closet

Here’s a glimpse at three of my journal entries from this week’s installment of The Lil Journal Project.  Day 29 called us to dedicate an entire page to a quote; I spilled over onto two.  Inspiration usually comes during work rather than before it. -Madeleine L’Engle I first read this quote in college while poring the book, Madeleine L’Engle Herself: Reflections on a Writing Life (a must-read for all writers and creatives out there).  L’Engle’s {read more…}

Denim Skirt Reveal

Denim Skirt Reveal via The Thinking Closet

Remember the denim skirt I made for my sister, Lisbeth?  The one from my Easy Denim Skirt Tutorial for the Beginner Sewist? Well, I promised pictures, and here they are.  Brace yourself for amazingness: I think I literally gasped when I saw these for the first time.  She has just taken my simple denim skirt and turned it into something fantasmagorical.  And I love that she tucked in her shirt in the second photo for {read more…}

Hot Drinks Station: Making Guests Feel at Home

Hot Drinks Station via The Thinking Closet

To me, nothing is quite as soothing or homey as a warm cup of goodness clasped between your hands.  Can I get an “amen”? My most amazing parents are flying in today {jumping up and down} from New York to visit us in FL for the first time.  So, in preparation for their highly-anticipated arrival, I set up a special “hot drinks station” in our guest room.  What do you think? My inspiration came from the {read more…}

Lil Journal Project: Word Associations

Lil Journal Project: Word Associations - via The Thinking Closet

So, I know it has been a few weeks since I’ve posted on Ashley Hackshaw’s Lil Journal Project.  I admit that I fell off the wagon during week 4 (too many other fun projects calling my name).  And Ashley took off week 5 to focus on a few things she was working on. However, the word association prompts Ashley came up with for this week were too fun to pass up!  So, we’re back. I {read more…}

Felt Flower Wreath: Fall-ify Florida Part I

Felt Flower Wreath via The Thinking Closet

Though we’re still rocking highs of 85 degrees in Florida, though leaves are still green and flip flops are still the footwear of choice, I’ve decided…it’s time…TO FALL-IFY. I wouldn’t consider myself a “wreath girl,” but a little while back, I had come across a winter wreath on Pinterest by Colour Her Hope that had me inspired.  So, I decided to take on fall colors for my version and try my hand at the popular {read more…}

Craft Mash-Up: DIY Clothing Labels with Personalized Font

DIY Clothing Labels with Personalized Font via The Thinking Closet

Although I don’t keep up with Glee anymore, I always loved the “mash-ups” of two different songs like “Halo” & “Walking On Sunshine.” So, in that vain, this is a craft mash-up – – two different DIY projects mashed up into one to create something divine: clothing labels with a personalized font in your own handwriting. Pretty cool, huh? The back-story: I knew I wanted to add a little personalization to my sister’s denim skirt {read more…}

Weekend Update

All Dolled Up for the Ball - The Thinking Closet

I just wanted to share three exciting updates from our weekend with you all: a ball, a blogiversary, and a goal achieved! 1) Mark and I attended our first big fancy event this Saturday night: the Hats & Heroes Ball for Kids Beating Cancer.  You may remember that I posted a picture of my new vintage hat (is that an oxymoron?) in my post, The Joy of Thrifting: 10 Tips & Tricks, promising a follow-up {read more…}

Bird Pincushion & Needle-Keep a.k.a. “Just Leave It”

Quilt by Robin - via The Thinking Closet

This past Wednesday, my M.I.L. and I got together for a sewing party.  She had a project she had been saving up to work on that was recommended by her dear friend, Robin, who is amazing quilter and sewist.  [Aside: Robin made Mark and I a beautiful quilt for our wedding that combines so many unusual fabrics.  For color ideas, she looked at our registry, and used her genius to create this beauty: Anyway, Robin {read more…}

Easy Denim Skirt Tutorial for the Beginner Sewist

Easy Denim Skirt Tutorial for the Beginner Sewist via The Thinking Closet

They say the best way to learn something…is to teach it.  Right? So, I’m going to attempt to teach what I just learned in my beginner sewing class at my local Jo-Ann’s Fabric store last Monday: how to sew a denim skirt. There is no pattern involved, and it’s a very do-able project for novices – – I can attest.  Our instructor, Jeanette, has been teaching at Jo-Ann’s for fourteen years, and this project is {read more…}

Rustic Key & Sunglasses Holder

Rustic Key & Sunglasses Holder via The Thinking Closet

Our keys and sunglasses were becoming regular loiterers on our kitchen counter; frankly, they needed a home of their own. So, we put our heads together, found some inspiration via Pinterest, and came up with this lil do-dad – – a Mark and Lauren Incorporated creation: I’m really pleased with how it turned out.  It’s not only cute, but functional! SUPPLIES:  I picked up the unfinished wood picture frame at Hobby Lobby for under $10 {read more…}